Friday, August 21, 2009

Fires of Mount Doom Salsa

the garden continues to bear fruit...

So I've made this salsa the last couple of game nights now and thought I'd share the recipe here. My favorite thing about this tasty condiment is that it comes entirely out of my backyard, save for a single onion. I also warn ya, it is a hot salsa, very spicy (hence the name). It's not atomic, but if you're not fan of heat, it may not be for you. I made the recipe so it escalates up in the ingredient count, alter as you like to make it less (or more) spicy. The larger the tomatoes, the less spicy it will be. Same thing goes for the onion.

Mik's Minis Fires of Mount Doom Salsa
x1 small to medium white onion
x2 medium to large tomatoes
x3 habañero peppers
x4 jalapeño pepper
x5 cayenne peppers

x1 tablespoon of olive oil
x2 pinches of coarse salt
x3 pinches of ground pepper
x4 pinches of cilantro

1. Dice the tomatoes and onions into pieces and put into medium bowl. Dice habañero and cayenne peppers very fine and put into bowl. Slice and quarter the jalapeños and also put into bowl.

2. Add remaining ingredients to the bowl. With a wooden spoon, mix ingredients thoroughly. Immediately drain the juice at the bottom of the bowl. This will be the only time you do this part, don't worry, more juice will accumulate later.

3. Cover and refrigerate at least one hour prior to serving (the longer the better however, even overnight). Once uncovered, remix the ingredients then serve.

EDIT: My buddy Andy made a pretty funny comment forver linking the name of this salsa with the blazing Eye of Sauron and the next morning...


  1. Your garden veggies are looking great! I have banana peppers coming in and I am still getting about 2 zucchinis a week. Love the recipe!

  2. Sounds good, I love hot foods and the supermarket 'hot' salsa's are not. If I can get this stuff I'll be sure to try it out!

  3. Thanks for sharing that recipe...I suggest adding a little Cumin to me it will give a nice flavor..
    Also its really awesome to see a gamer with a garden...thought I was by myself on that

  4. @Shelexie; my cucumbers have all but died out, but now I've got okra coming in. Talk about weird, it's beautiful, but looks like some kind of Tyranid bio-construct.

    @Peter; it is definitely hot, two players abstained after just smelling it! Give it a try and let me know...

    @Krug; I've got cumin in the cabinet, I'll throw some in the next batch, thanks for the tip. There's a surprising number of Gardening Gamers out there, we should band together!

  5. The wife and I grew zucchinis and cherry tomatoes over the summer, as well as tons of herbs and some eggplants...I am planning on growing some hot chilis but we will see...the tomatoes kind of took over the area.

  6. Green thumbs in more than one way then if you play orks :D

  7. If I had the patience to paint up the Ork hordes, I'd totally shott for the Green Thumb hat trick!