Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Update

No, this isn't another Space Hulk post, haha...

Things have been a tad quiet around Mik's Minis, but that doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything (but I'm not exactly busy either). I had mentioned a while back that the RPG's have really heating up around here, and that's been the bulk of it.

Part of our new world...Sarterra

We've had a couple of 4e games under our belts now, and so far it's been fun. Originally we were going to use Goodman Games Aerth setting with the PC races out of the PHB and PHB2. Then the idea of using the free PDF, Dawn of Worlds came up. Dawn of Worlds is a loose rules system that helps a group collaboratively build their own world, literally, from the ground up. It plays as an independent game and consists of three distinct phases; geography, races, and relations. Die rolls determine how many points each player gets per turn and then you buy options from there creating everything from Avatars, races, mountains, valleys, and the like. In each age, different items will cost more or less than they did in another age. We're about halfway through the second age and it's been a blast.

You can also create different orders, religions, and sects within the same race, or create sub-races as you like. You can corrupt your own race, (or someone else's), or consequently purify someone's race, city, land, etc. I loved Legend of the Five Rings back in the day, so I made some of the first races I created be the Naga and the Nezumi. Since I've rolled up a couple of Half-Orcs to play in the campaign, I made sure to give them a rich background as well. So far we have put together six avatars, sixteen races/sub-races, a dozen order/sects, and have also fleshed out another dozen cities as well. All of this took place after we took turns and created just the layout and geography of the world. I've been having so much fun writing fluff, backgrounds, and planning races, I almost forgot that we were actually building a world for a DnD campaign. The rules are free, and are definitely worth trying out. I'll start a series of posts about the new and tweaked races I've been putting forth.

We also kicked off a new Dark Heresy game. We have a large group of players for this game, seven in fact, so I thought I'd try to go for a non-combat type character. I chose Adept and will try to be as hands-off in combat situations as I can. Witha seven part group, sure, no problem. Of course when we played our first game the other day, ahem, a whopping four weren't able to make it. My knowledgeable Adpet had to learn how to shoot...quick! It was a good game, I love the Dark Heresy genre and setting, and I'm getting better acquainted with the rules and think I sold them a bit short before, it really is a great system.

I haven't mentioned 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars in a bit, but I'm happy to say the troops should, barring any interruptions, hit dirtside in just a couple of days. I'll try to get up a mission report once the dust has cleared. I've also got all those new Brickarms guns to break in too, so it should be an all around good time, I've got some nifty bad guy aliens on the first planet to harangue the troopers with.

So that's about all I've got for now. I've got a desk full of minis in the queue to paint up, but ugh, I've not been motivated at all to get to work. I also started reading False Gods, the second book of the Horus Heresy series, so I should wrap that up soon.


  1. But everyone and their mothers are posting about space hulk right now. I had 2 posts in my last 3 about it.

  2. Ha, tell me about it! I even posted about Space Hulk not too long ago myself, 'it's so hot right now'.

    The only thing that gets me miffed about its limited editioness is the simple fact that I personally am not in a position to preorder it, but my buddy Andy did, so I'll game vicariously through his edition...

  3. Yeah, their vagueness on what it means for it to be limited is pretty annoying but have to say that the models look just as good in person and that I do not think I will regret that purchase even if I only rarely get to play the game.

    I am hoping they mean that they will sell it for a couple months with tons of total copies and then place it back in the vault with occasional missions showing up online or in white dwarf.

  4. I think with 7ish characters in Dark Heresy, you can indeed get away with an Adept. Until you get to 5-6, though, everyone needs to contribute a bit to the shooting and stabbing.

    Considering an Adept doesn't get much more than Pistol skills for the first couple levels...yeah. That -20 to hit from 'no weapon training' is a beast, even if you can grab a semi-auto weapon.

  5. Game play on the new Space Hulk looks suspiciously like 1st edition. So I'm happy to stick with that...