Wednesday, August 5, 2009

GW Pertinent Contest Entry

Over at GW Pertinent there's an "oldest 40k figure" contest going on...

...well, it's not so much a contest as in, "who's got the oldest 40k figure out there?", but more of a "post your oldest fig and we'll randomly pick the winner from there", which is just well by my book. Not everyone has vintage 40k figs just lying around anyway, so post the oldest one you've got, and hope for the best when comes down to the drawing!

Mine is an old one though, and he's been running with my Necromunda gang of Ratskin Renegades for some time now (hence the number on his base). He originally dates way back to [1988], at least that's what the slottabase read. It also read either 'rogue trader', or maybe just 'thug'. I can't remember, but I do know it's a one owner fig, me, I just can't remember where I got it. [edit, see below] The laspistol in the right hand came standard so that makes him a "40k" figure in my book (and I added a plastic shuriken pistol to the other hand, which was just a fist originally). The crossbow quiver is a Warmachine bit.

I used to buy up the old GW Talisman adventurer packs, you'd get a dozen or so lead figs from all kinds of genres in there for a pretty low price. They'd include a random Space Marine, a ninja, a Dwarf bagpiper, all kinds of stuff. It's possible this figure came from one of those packs. Looking up vintage GW figs on the intarweb escapes me, but if someone out there can help me track this guy down, that'd be super cool, I'd appreciate it!

EDIT: Thanks to both Tristan and HuronBH, they not only sent me to a cool site I didn't know about, Stuff of Legends, but my fig's origins were tracked down as well. As soon as the following image popped up on the screen I had immediate recall. He was part of the RT601-Adventurers line sculpted by some truly impressive industry names. He wasn't a "thug", but a "punk". Looking at the pic, I have no idea what happened to my "Space Marine", but I loved that fig! I don't know what GW's business model is nowadays (does anyone?), but if they put out eclectic sets like this still, I'd buy them all. So thanks guys, that call for help didn't take long, haha. So, we've determined who still has old GW figs, but the big question is...who still uses them on the tabletop?

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  1. Check out
    Also i found another site recently, CCM wiki - you could try there.

  2. Found, on Stuff of Legends (I know that guys that support created this site). Your model is a "Punk"

    It seems you and I got started about the same time as my first figs game in an Adventurers box and they were the Scum, Astropath Kohm, Pilot Baw, Female Warrior Gare, and the Hive Worlder plus another fig not shown there.

    Funny thing is I know for a fact that the models listed as Female Warrior Gare and the Hive Worlder have sister and pirate cast on their slotabases and are both from 87. Let me look around and see if I can't find them some place, I know I still have them.

  3. Ha! You guys rock, thanks a bunch, I've edited my post accordingly.

    @HBH: I remember the day I picked up my Rogue Trader a Waldenbooks of all places! We've been doing this way too long, heh...

  4. Ha..I have that model...I had no idea of that contest, thanks for the heads up!

  5. Get crackin' Krug, you've still got a day or two!

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