Thursday, August 27, 2009

Horror on Holbein

Planet: Holbein
Type: Pleasure Planet
Alien Threat Level: 5
Alien Type: Sharks
Alien Ability: Suicide
Primary Mission: Assault
"Ever haunted by the trappings of this life
Sweet redemption just in front of me
Well now it seems once again that I've lost another
One of the ones who have broke through the wall, damned
Fate won't compromise
I have sold my soul and now the devil's laughing"
-"Guarded", Disturbed
Holbein is the third planet from the central star. It is an Earth sized planet with large, arctic poles and a lush, tropical belt. The main industry of Holbein is that it is a pleasure planet, seeing to the needs of a host of alien beings. The beauty of Holbein is idyllic, and the planet boasts touch-sensitive rocks, attuned to the user's emotional levels. Plants resonate a low psionic frequency that responds to nearby lifeforms, enhancing a sense of calm. Massive circular cities sit atop large belts of coral reefs.

An impressively large number of the fleet from the 3:16 surrounds the planet's equatorial belt while maintaining high anchor. The planets orbital stations were disabled by ship=based EMP weapons. At the coordinated time, each warship will launch a host of dropships to make first assault contact. Once a perimeter has been established, support will follow.

Lieutenant Satan's dropship, the Hell Hound, has been fitted with four "bunker buster" deep penetrating missiles. Poseidon Company's primary targets are a series of domed complexes. Each domes houses three to six pool levels, each one with a transparent floor. The objective is to land the dropship through the primary dome, engage the hostiles, secure the perimeter, and wait for support from Proteus Platoon. Prior to breaching the main dome, the dropship will fire its "bunker buster" missiles into the dome. Recon photos show what could be a control room on the bottom level, secure that room and wait for support. Anomalous radar signatures show inconsistent patterns in the complex's sub-basement level.

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