Friday, September 11, 2009

Avatars of Sarterra 4 of 4

There are a host of other avatars of Sarterra. These range from immortal demi-gods to powerful and mighty heroes who walk as equals amongst their peers. Some avatars aren't a single individual, but represent a long line of hereditary leaders.

Beleaos the Kraken: A deity of madness and destruction in Sarterra's oceans.

Elgrim the Snow Serpent: The Ice Wyrm, father of humanity.

Emperor Ittondor: Leads the Elven nation of the cold, southern circle.

Khalid the Djinn: Creator of the Djinasi races.

Nesut Ammon: The Undead Pharaoh of the city of Djedet.

Querritch: Hive queen of the insectoid Krolyks.

Sahd the Djinn: Dark nemesis of Khalid, creator of the evil Djinasi.

General Urell: Militant leader of the subterranean Duergar.

The Wizard Kings of the Averni: Human line of Archmages.

Darque Lord Zesual von Teken'val: Vampire lord with ties to the Darque.

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