Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ball Boy Bites It

"And thus ends the great ball man experiment..."


  1. Failure is so much more tolerable when it's not your own.

    So much, much more comical when widely televised failure is not your own...

  2. Yep, I'm sure the global distribution of EPIC FAIL was exactly what the designers of the WWW protocol had in mind...

  3. I'm a pretty avid tennis fan, and was watching this match when it happened, I wish they hadn't put "epic fail" or whatever on it.

    The kid was all right, and between sets they would replay his bust and then zoom in on him standing there, the crowd would cheer him and you could tell he was fine.

    Murray took a spill during the match too, and ESPN had an online poll for whose spill was the worst, the Ball Boy beat out Murray 80% to 20%. After the match, when interviewing the winner (Murray) they even asked him about it...