Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Dunwich Horrors, '09 Season

It's been a while since we talked fantasy football here at Mik's Minis, as in, like, about a year! Anyway, I'm a fan of football, mainly NFL, but college ball too, and there's ten of us who have playing fantasy football going on about ten years (or more) now, and about half that time online. The last few years it's cost about forty bucks to to pay for the service we use and what-not, and our league is at a whopping twelve teams. So now losing not only sucks, but you've got money on the line too. Forty bucks is a box of tactical marines! Anyway, we had our live draft the other night, and as always, it was fun. Oz came over and we clicked away at our laptops, enjoyed some junk food and beverages, and made goofy comments all night on the chat window. In the end, I think I came away with a pretty solid roster, especially for a twelve team league, lots of good players were snatched up fast. We'll see what happens...

Romo, Tony QB
Turner, Michael RB (last year's keeper)
Johnson, Larry RB
Houshmandzadeh, T.J. WR
Wayne, Reggie WR (last year's keeper)
Winslow, Kellen TE
Kaeding, Nate K
Chargers DST

..and my backup squad:

Hasselbeck, Matt QB
Ward, Derrick RB
Maclin, Jeremy WR
Moore, Lance WR
Davis, Vernon TE
Folk, Nick K DAL
Cardinals DST

The last couple of years I was really put in a pinch because I didn't pay attention to 'bye' weeks. Many of my backups had the same weeks off as the players they were supposed to be backing up! I took a couple of extra steps to make sure that didn't happen again. I didn't really report on my season last year because, frankly, it was pretty lackluster.


  1. Fun Times! We had our draft last Sunday and it was a lot of fun. We did it in person and trash talked the whole night. Two of the guys sort of know what they are doing and mentioned we should be aware of the bye weeks while we were drafting. The 8 others (me included) really just like the trash talk. We are looking forward to the first game, as we are often together on Sunday nights. We opted for the free service on yahoo since we don't know what we are doing. We will see how it goes =)

  2. Awesome! We did the Yahoo service for a long time, it's a good one. This will the second year with a paid service (CBS Sports), it's got a lot of fancy extras, but I could go back to Yahoo no problem.

    In the beginning there we were a bunch of hooligans with more than half of us not knowing what we were doing, now it's become a tad more competitive.

    Kudos on the live draft, that truly is a lost art, and so much more fun in person, just 'cause of all the trash talking!