Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hjorvard, Master of the Hunt; Avatars of Sarterra 1 of 4

Hjorvard, Master of the Hunt, Avatar of the primal god Aeartus, strode across the land of Sarterra. Before the rivers and mountains, before the storms and desert sands, Hjorvard strode, waiting for The Creation.

For one thousand years Hjorvard witnessed the world of Sarterra grow and flourish, land and sea materializing before his eyes. Flora and fauna, natural beasts, took hold and lived off the bounty of the new world. Hjorvard hunted as a primal spirit and collected knowledge of the world. His greatest source of joy was the eternal hunt of the Ice Dragon known as Elgrim the Snow Serpent, another avatar that walked the surface of the world before The Creation.

Hjorvard created the race of the Tuskgaarde, and by extension, the Vargr were born from the Tuskgarrde in the second age. In the third age, Hjorvard adopted the race of the Wendigo into his growing family.

Hjorvard stands twelve feet tall. He has the head of a walrus, with tusks stretching down half the length of his great beard. Atop his head is a rack of antlers to rival that of the most mighty and ancient of stags. A necklace of bone and teeth hang over his smooth, muscled frame, which is bare, save for an enormous cloak made of the hides of a myriad of animals that hangs to the ground. A tartan kilt of thick wool surrounds his waist with a sporran made from dragon scale at its center. His furred legs are powerful and squat, crook backed and ending in mighty hooves. He carries a great staff of gnarled wood which can form into a longbow at will. On his back is a large, leather quiver which holds an endless supply of arrows.

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