Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Liocheles, the Darque Mother; Avatars of Sarterra 2 of 4

No one knows how, or when, Liocheles came into the world. Some say she crept in with the shadows of night, others say she came from deep within Sarterra itself. Whatever her origin, her presence has shaped the world itself.

Liocheles made her domain in the great desert of Yax Pac on the central continent, centered around an oasis at the foot of a massive waterfall. Unknown to most, the waterfall conceals the entrance to a massive underground land simply known as the Underdarque. This is Liocheles’ true domain, and from within these underground caverns she holds council and meticulously plots her agendas. Within the eternal, starless night of the Underdarque, mankind's deepest fears of the unknown take form.

Liocheles sought to manipulate the influences of the world around her from the shadows, choosing stealth over direct interaction. Her subtle political maneuvering, patiently over eons shaped the lands as easily as earthquakes. She also became fascinated with the dead, thinking them a waste to just fade into nothingness. She sought to exert her will through these discarded corpses, developing the arts of Necromancy. She found strength in the places others feared to tread, and carved out her own niche in the fabric of the world.

Her greatest achievement was the creation of the race in herown image simply known as the Darque. The Darque have a formed a complex society in the Yax Pac desert and can be found as adventurers and scholars the world over. The Darque had inadvertently pierced the veil into the shadow realm and the race known as the Shadovar broke through, refusing to go back. Liocheles has since adopted these being of shadow into her fold. The malicious and vile race known as the Darque Ones were an abandoned first attempt by Liocheles to create life, though no longer claimed by her, they continue to thrive. Unknown by all, including her favored children the Darque, Liocheles still holds the corrupt Darque Ones dear, even if they were a failed attempt that have gone so far astray. They are her children after all.

Liocheles takes many forms. Her favored form resembles a giant, black scorpion with large pincers, multiple segmented legs, and a massive, stinger-barbed tale. In place of a head, the torso of a well endowed female body rises up, much like a centaur. This torso is covered in white wrappings, save for the head and hands. Gold and jade gauntlets cover the forearms and an ornate headdress, also of gold and precious jewels, sits atop her head. An intricate, bejeweled necklace lays across her chest. Liocheles is wickedly beautiful, sharp featured, with blazing violet eyes contrasting against her jet black skin. Long, white hair cascades behind her long, pointy ears and lays about her shoulders and back. In one slender hand she carries a scepter laiden with all manner of profane symbols depicting the undead. Her other hand is skeletal, ending in long, black talons and crackles with dark energy. Her face is equally divided, half being that of striking beauty, the other half being mummified and skeletal.

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