Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Houseguard Riflemen

Retribution Houseguard Riflemen

Privateer Press put these up on their website not too long ago, the Houseguard Riflemen. Pretty much like everything else to come out for the Retribution, I love these models quite a bit...and I don't play WM or Hordes any more either! I'm not saying these models are going to call me back to the miniatures world of the Iron Kingdoms either, but...

I think I will plop down for these troops "just because". I don't know yet, but I'm pretty sure these will be plastic too, which is good because head-swaps will be a piece of cake. These guys are going to be put into service as sci-fi troops though, none of this "steampunk/arkanika" stuff! With the pointy ear heads too, they'd make for great Eldar Scouts.

My only real complaint here would be the extra pointy cod pieces, but that can be clipped easily enough (ouch!), especially if they're plastic. Just looking at the above fig, you've got great planetary defense trooper, with a sweet energy rifle, and decent carapace armor to boot. I'm thinking they could make great Tau Human Auxiliaries too (with Imperial Guard heads), or stick Tau heads on them and make them straight up Fire Warriors.

The box is listed at $43 bucks, which is very steep for ten troopers, but maybe an online site or local shop will have them discounted. If that's the case I wouldn't mind paying maybe three bucks or for each. Though that is still a tad steep, judging from their look so far, they'll be worth it. I wish I had a shot of the backpacks, they're pretty detailed too.


  1. These look really good. I agree with you on the gonad protectors - but they're somewhat disguised by the baggy pants I guess.
    (congrats on hitting 400 posts too!)

  2. If you play 30k you could also use them as Internex or Technocracy forces.

  3. @Alan - genius idea!

    These guys do look very scrumptious. I'll be interested to know if the heads are separate. Even if they're not, they should be easily decapitated...

  4. regarding the gonad protectors ... maybe they're "showers" not "growers?" ;)

  5. They don't seem to be plastic to me - if you look, all the poses have duplicates, with the heads in the same poses too - other than what I assume is the squad leader. It's a shame, because if they'd been plastic I'd have probably picked some up too. I don't even mind the pointy codpieces :)

  6. I'll throw y'all in with a single blow!

    @Donogh: Thanks! Also, those pointy gonad-guards are growing on me.

    @Alan: Freakin' genius! This is exactly how I'd imagine the Interex to look actually, hadn't even thought about it until you said something.

    @Itkovian: Yeah, Alan *is* a genius!

    @Mstr. Darksol: Yikes!

    @Chris: Good points, you're probably right. Not being plastic holds me off just a little...