Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gromhammer's Boys

A 300 point band for Song of Blades and Heroes
Dwarf Commander: Q2+, C4 w/ leader, fearless (95pts)
Dwarf Crossbowman: Q4+, C3 w/ short move, shooter medium (24pts)
x2 Dragonslayers: Q3+, C5 w/ short move, lethal vs. dragons, fearless (112pts)
x2 Warriors: Q3+, C4 w/ short move (68pts)
Total: 299 / 300

Captain Gromhammer struck out on his own after retiring from a long service in the Dwarven legions. Like most Dwarves, Gromhammer's retirement will take his martial skills on one last adventure, leading a band of like-minded warriors across Sarterra.

Doomseeker was a lone wanderer, stalking monsters in the mountains bordering the northern edge of the Livwald Forest. Upon hearing of Gromhammer forming a band, he came out of his self-imposed exile to serve with his childhood friend one last time.

Commander Hammerstriker served under Gromhammer for over a century. Upon Gromhammer's retirement, Hammerstriker put in for retirement the same week. He claims he has to stick around to keep his former captain out of trouble, but more often than not, it's Gromhammer who has to keep Hamerstriker out of harm's way!

Shieldmaiden Stoutbrew proves the old adage that a Dwarf with an axe is a foe to be feared, regardless if they relieve themselves standing up or sitting down. She hopes to gain battle experience alongside Gromhammer and one day return to her Shieldmaidens.

Rød Skjorte has no formal military training, other than his compulsory citizenry militia, but his heart is true. He serves Gromhammer's band with both courage and honor.


  1. Gromhammer was one bad mofo.

  2. It's very strange to hear of this second-hand, glad he did me proud though!