Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vargr; Races of Sarterra

There are those Tuskgaarde who are said to have crossed further into Nature's embrace than thought possible. These beings are called the Vargr. The Vargr are also known as Weretouched, because of their obvious Lycanthropic nature. In the first age, perhaps a handful of Vargr were born to normal Tuskgaarde parents per generation, but over time their numbers grew. In the present day they are considered to be a completely separate race. They work to remain intertwined with their Tuskgaarde cousins in every facet of society.

Vargr have the innate ability to 'shift' from their present form to take on a more animalistic appearance. These traits take the form of enhancements to the Vargr's physical form; extended claws, an elongated muzzle with sharp fangs, a thicker hide for protection, heightened senses, and increased dexterity being among the few types of enhancements they can exhibit.

Vargr are much more lithe than their stout Tuskgaarde cousins. They range in height from about five feet tall to a little over six feet tall. Most striking of the Vargr are their heavy animal features, even when not shifted they look more beast than not. Common features include clawed feet, clawed hands, sharp teeth, pointy ears, and a fine layer of fur covering their bodies. These physical features can be categorized into two strains, the Longtooth, and the Razorclaw. Vargr most resemble lycanthropic wolf hybrids, but it is not uncommon to see Vargr that also resemble bears, foxes, panthers, and a myriad of other forest creatures.

The Vargr maintain an elite order of skirmish troops and reconnaissance scouts known as the Dawnrunners.

The Dawnrunners are an elite order of Vargr originally developed as foot messengers through the great Livwald Forest. Although there are only a handful of fully fledged cities amongst the Tuskgaarde nation there are dozens of smaller settlements and clan gatherings spread amongst the forest, mountains, and plains beyond.

The Dawnrunners keep these settlements in constant contact with one another. In this regard, though spread out, the Tuskgaarde nation is surprisingly connected with one another. Lightly armed and equipped the Dawnrunners are tireless in their daily routine, but their role isn't merely as messengers.

In time of war and conflict, the Dawnrunners form an elite core of skirmishing foot troops and reconnaissance. They are able to move quickly behind enemy lines, scout out enemy forces, and get back to their own troops with great skill. Dawnrunner Flights, as they are called, consist of three Vargr with a good mix of skills from fighting to diplomacy to stealth.

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