Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wendigo; Races of Sarterra

The Wendigo embody the pure, unrelenting spirit of wild, untamed nature. These creatures, once little more than savages using stone technology, live in one of the harshest environmental extremes on Sarterra, the frozen north. It is said that Hjorvard walked among them, taking the form of a Wendigo, for over a hundred years. He learned their ways, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the Wendigo's savagery was only superficial, on the inside they held strong beliefs on the balance of nature and the Natural Order.

Though Hjorvard had not revealed his true identity, the Wendigo had crude effigies arrayed in his honor existing already; they revered him as an aspect of the God Aertus himself, though they had no names for any of it. Once Hjorvard learned of their culture, and knew their hearts were pure, he revealed his true self to the Wendigo and taught them the ways of Aertus.

Since that time, the Wendigo have been adopted of sorts into Hjorvard's family of Tuskgaarde and Vargr. The three races share a familial bond and have exchanged much knowledge and ideas from one another. The Wendigo prefer the cold northern climate, but chosen members have ventured into southern lands to learn more of the world. Their people are still the most primal of Hjorvard's family, but after prolonged contact with their kin, they have developed socially to a degree.

Hjorvard's island of Hütte, with his great lodge and the city that has built up around it now supported by a standing army of Wendigo. They shy away from the city proper, preferring to live in the surrounding wilds. They have taken their position as protectors of the avatar's home very seriously, and it is an honor to serve in the role of Hütte's royal guard; this order is known as the Huntsmen. When not found on the island of Hütte, the Wendigo inhabit much of the arctic north.

Wendigo are stalwart beings born and bred to not just survive the coldest of winters, but thrive in them. They have a thick, muscled frame covered in fur of light grays and white. Longer hair is present on their upper bodies, legs, and forms a mane. Their hands end in large, powerful claws, as do their feet, and their mouths are filled with rows of wickedly sharp teeth. Two large tusks extend from the corners of the jaw, resembling large mandibles; these are present on both males and females. Despite the cold, they wear very little clothing, usually just lower garments and they wield weapons made from napped flint and other stone, although their claws and teeth are more than sufficient.

The Wendigo, as a civilization, are advanced in the class of barbarians.

The Huntsmen are the royal guard handpicked by Hjorvard himself from the race of Wendigo that make their home in the North. The role of bodyguard is purely symbolic; Hjorvard has seen something of the unbridled fury of nature in these noble beings and placing them in this role serves as a reminder of the power of the Natural Order itself.

When Hjorvard travels, his retinue is bolstered by the addition of the Huntsmen. The Huntsmen have also been given the honarary role of protectors of the eternally cold island of Svalbard where the city of Hütte is located.

The Wendigo race is an impressively physical and savage species, the and the Huntsmen exemplify this moreso. Known for more than their mere primal strength, the Huntsmen also possess sharp cunning and tactical brilliance.

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