Thursday, October 22, 2009

Back in Blacque

The Brothers Blacque, no relation

This is a pair of figs that have languished forever in an incomplete state...but no longer! Well, I am out of Dull Cote, so there's one stage left for these two, but other than that, they're officially done, and only years after they were used last.

The Brothers Blacque were a pair of questionable mercenary characters played in one of our two Iron Kingdoms campaigns oh so long ago. We had a full table of players, but these two (mine and Brian's) had a history prior to the campaign.

The paint jobs were fairly straight forward, the Trollkin got a weapon swap (his old axe for a big club) and both figs got new equipment added to their backs, a quiver of arrows for the big guy, and a sword for the human. These were back in the days when I dipped everything too, that shouldn't show too much after their dull coat sealer.

This human was a gunslinger and sellsword of a nasty disposition. His loyalties went as far as his current contract stated, and he stuck around only as long as he was getting paid. He carries a military pistol in a fast-draw holster, and on his back is a keen edged sword of considerable arcane ability. He is seldom seen without his cloak.

This hefty Trollkin was destined for greatness, as his albino skin dictated, but his heart was corrupt. He turned away from his clan and inexplicably left his heritage behind. He signed on with the Brothers Blacque mercenary band and made a good living with them. He and the human would eventually leave together and strike out on their own.

Like I said, they still need a shot of Dull Cote, but I'll have to pick some up since I'm fresh out. Being RPG figs from Privateer Press' Iron Kingdoms line, I painted their bases a cream color, but that didn't photograph so well. At least they're done now...


  1. These are great :) I wish I had more of a chance to game, I'd love to create one-off characters like these!
    Only thing I'm not keen on is the base sidings - Almost all of my stuff gets black sidings, seems (to my eye at least) to finish them off nicely, like a mini-diorama. Also works well if I'm ever combining forces (Marines/Guard/Inquisition or Chaos/Daemons, or using Necromunda gangs/Mordheim warbands as squads/units in various settings).

  2. Thanks a bunch Chris! Honestly, I'm not crazy about the bases either, especially after seeing these photos.

    Most of my figs have black sides too, save my Blood Bowl guys, who usually have green sides, and my Dark Angels who have brown (I did this to contrast with all the green).

    RPGs are great for the reason you mentioned, you get the chance to do one-off characters you might not get to normally.