Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday's Barter Bucket

It's a bucket...for bartering!

As mentioned, this is the first installment of Mik's Barter Bucket, huzzah! This is an attempt to get some of the stuff I've got and don't need or use into the hands of those out there who might need or use them. We're all a big community after all! Speaking of being in a community, I've been approached by entities of greater influence than I of perhaps giving the Barter Bucket a little more exposure. I'll keep y'all posted on how this progresses.

The list of stuff I have for letting go might be kind of random, and I won't lump it all in here at once, but add a little bit at a time. If it's used or painted, assembled or whatever, I'll include a current pic, if it's something new in the box or whatever, I'll probably just link it off of GW's site or some other place. I will try to keep the items 'themed' though, so if you see a few Space Wolf items together, that'll be all I've got for example.

What I have (so far), all reasonable offers, for sale:

Scout Sergeant Telion, he is fully painted as shown, click the link for more shots. He is painted as a Dark Angel, but some Simple Green should be able to strip him. It's an awesome fig, but I won't be fielding a 'fake' Dark Angels chapter anymore, hence this choice is no longer viable. For Ultramarine players, I have filed off his Ultramar symbols, but that's good news for other codex players looking to pick up a leader for their scouts.

Black Templars Champion, I've painted up this fig as my Librarian, again, click the link for more shots. He's obviously not a Dark Angels (hence he's getting the boot), same as above, a little Simple Green should do the trick. All of his Black Templars iconography is intact, and I have his BT backpack also. This is the limited edition, GW 25th anniversary figure that was released back in 2000, it is currently out of print.

My Blood Angels Terminator contest entry. Unfortunately I didn't place in the top ten, but that's okay, it was still fun to convert and I tried my best at painting it up (you can see lots more finished pics here). Since I don't play the Blood Angels, and he's not trophy status, he's on the chopping block as well. He is something of a relic, incorporating three generations of terminator parts into the single model. I can truly say that there's not another terminator like this one anywhere in the world, mwahahaha!

Space Wolf Rune Priest. Unlike the sample photo, mine is still in the unopened package, brand new. I picked him up a while back to lead a Chaos Marine army, which never took off. With all the Space Wolf hype lately, surely he can find a home in someone's pack. I've got a few old Space Wolf decals to throw in with the model as well.

Codex: Chaos Space Marines, since I'm (obviously) not going the Chaos route, I don't need the codex anymore. It's in good shape, hasn't been thumbed through a whole lot, and has been sitting on the shelf with the rest since I bought it new.

Speaking of Chaos, I also have another brand new item, still sealed in the box, this Chaos Space Marines Daemon Prince. Another casualty of a failure to launch on a new army, this whopping HQ unit will serve you and the ruinous powers well.

That's all I've got for now, there's tons more lurking around, but this is a test run for now. If you know some players out there who might not be subscribers, and they play, or plan on playing, an army that can benefit from anything I've shown, let them know too! We'll use PayPal so everything is nice and 'safe'. I guess I'll have to put up a profile box (on the right) so you can get my email out of it. If you have a question, post it under comments so others can benefit from whatever it was you were wondering. Thanks!


  1. Hmm, are you hoping to get unassembled/unpainted, or ?
    I have 5 assault marines I got in a trade that I probably won't touch for a while. They are craptastic paint job & unfortunately there's a power fist on sgt and one has a power sword, but could include a chainsword arm if you're up for simple green.

    Could be interested in telion &/or emperor's champ. Plus any reaver decals or torso's you previously mentioned.

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  3. @Tristan: I was hoping at least for unpainted, and unassembled would just be icing on the cake! Unfortunately yours are neither, but I'd still be willing to trade them for Telion (I could only let the emp. champ. go for a NIB squad). As long as you think I'd be able to work with whay you're offering (be able to strip 'em, cut and paste, etc.), let me know!

    @SCDarkangel: Done and done, an email has been sent, thanks!

  4. Hey there, I might be interested in the SW Rune Priest.

    In trade I could offer either a space marine land speeder which has had a little assembly but not even the whole body so is essentially as new. Otherwise, let me know if there is anything else you might want and I can search through my stuff, or I'd be happy to exchange money.

    I'm in the UK if that'll affect postage etc though.

    Cheers, bG

  5. Across the pond postage might not make it worth your while in all honesty, you wouldn't happen to have an Imperial Guard Techpriest Enginseer would ya?

  6. I'll have a dig around in my bits box and see what I can come up with (although it won't be the official model I may have something similar). Anything else you might want?

    ps: I'm liking this idea as a way to move some of the stuff I don't have, mind if I run something similar (crediting yourself of course)?

  7. Thanks! The Death Spectres project of mine will be slow going, but a little bit at a time always helps!

    Running your own 'bucket' is a great idea, I sent you a PM about it, there's exciting stuff on the way, so you may not need to...

  8. Great idea!

    I have a bunch of Dark Angel bits from the veteran sprues that I'm not using, if anybody wants to work-out a trade or whatever.

    I'm just starting a Nurgle army, so there's LOTS of stuff I'm keeping my eyes open for.

  9. @Señor Esty, sounds good! The bucket has a new home, head over here:

    ...follow the info there and we'll get your DA bits listed and start looking for some Nurgle stuff!