Saturday, October 3, 2009

Magus Skulk's Host

A 300 point band for Song of Blades and Heroes
Ratman Wizard: Q3+, C1 w/ fearless, magic-user (46pts)
x8 Ratman Scouts: Q4+, C2 w/ gregarious, stealth (192pts)
Rat Ogre (Troll): Q5+, C4 w/ tough, fearless, big (41pts)
Giant Rat (Frog): Q3+, C2 w/ amphibious, animal (2opts)
Total: 299 / 300

Magus Skulk, a Nezumi sorcerer who had long ago lost most of his sanity due to overindulgence in Witch-Weed, leads a vicious band of Nezumi across Sarterra. He is unpredictable, and still boasts his arcane prowess making him dangerous. He wears an arcanik contraption that filters Witch-Weed vapors directly to him through a re-breather from a boiler backpack that slow burns the narcotic substance. His actions are allegedly determined by the visions he receives from the vapors themselves, which guide his path and destiny.

No one knows what manner of creature Kingsley is, though he resembles a giant Nezumi with massive strength. Some believe he is the result of an experiment done on a regular Nezumi at the hands of Skulk. His loyalty to Skulk is unwavering, and he stands guard over the unconscious Skulk when his master has overindulged in Witch-Weed.

A giant, plague-ridden rat accompanies the troupe, living off the scraps thrown to it at night by the host, and the corpses of the fallen after a battle. Sharing a distant bloodline with the Nezumi, it shows no hostility or aggression towards its upright brethren. Note: I had to use 'giant frog' stats because I couldn't find 'giant rat' stats. I figure I can explain the "amphibious" ability easily enough...he's a sewer rat!

As a side note, I love this model! My ten year old niece painted this figure just for me and gave it to me on my birthday this last summer. It doesn't get any better than that, though I do need to teach her about sealing her models! Anyway, she totally surprised me with this, and I told her I would use it in a game as soon as I could, so thanks again Piper!

Life is short and cheap in the ranks of Magus Skulk's host. The bulk of his band consists of these Nezumi, armed with shields and spears. These scouts move with surprising stealth and their appetites can be great. Not only do they get an above average amount of loot from their battles, once per cycle Magus Skulk holds ceremony where all those in his band take part in a shared Witch-Weed induced vision quest which can last for days.


  1. We felt that this band needed the Ratmen Leader or somebody with the Leader skill for the ratmen's Gregarious.

  2. Yeah, that's the only problem I see with 300 point bands and only being allowed a hundred points on 'characters'. You can't squeeze in both a wizard type and a leader type in the same list.

    Plus, I don't know what 'gregarious' does, which might've helped!