Friday, October 2, 2009

Lady Talon's Livwald Delegation

A 300 point band for Song of Blades and Heroes
Elf Wizard: Q2+, C2 w/ magic-user, forester (70pts)
Tree-Man: Q4+, C4 w/ huge, slow, forester, tough (56pts)
Sylph (Air Nymph): Q3+, C1 w/ distract, flying, free disengage (60pts)
Wood Elf Warrior: Q3+, C3 w/ forester (36pts)
Giant Bee: Q3+, C4 w/ flying, big, animal, gregarious, poison (72pts)
Total: 294 / 300

Lady Talon has lived a long life in Sarterra, but still has many more years to come. She has been a student, a leader, an adventurer, and more. Now she serves the Elven Nation as an ambassador, approaching the other races and civilizations of Sarterra.

Brother of Lady Talon, Eledor travels alongside her wherever she goes. His skill with the blade matches the arcane ability of his older sister. His council is wise, but he can be hot tempered from time to time. His sister helps to keep his fiery emotions in check.

Upon entering the Livwald, seeking out Tuskgaarde and Vargr settlements, Lady Talon befriended this giant wasp. Though seemingly non-sentient, it nonetheless follows Lady Talon's band wherever they go, and certainly seems loyal to them.

The Air Nymph and Tree-Man can be seen here.

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