Sunday, November 15, 2009

All Hands on Deck!

Rogue Trader after-action report, click here for the rest of the story...
"Black Jack" Onyx was plying a meager trade route in the outskirts of the Callixus Sector, financed by the mid-tier trade consortium Collective Menelauis . It was consistent, if not extremely prosperous, work..."


  1. Nice writeup, thanks for posting. I'm looking forward to gaming using Rogue Trader. There's some talk of the Dark Heresy game I'm in switching over once we hit 5000xp.

  2. I'm lucky to be in both games right now, and they both play very differently too.

    If you head over to the "Minions" blog (link over on the right) you'll find a Rogue Trader podcast or two...

  3. I enjoyed reading that! I'm about to start up my own Rogue Trader game, and I've been wondering about what to put in the first scenario. How did you find the starship combat? I see you're a wargamer, so it probably came quite easily to you, but I wonder if it's a bit complex to suddenly chuck into the middle of an rpg? I was going to save the starship battles for a later session.

  4. I'd probably let Andy (our GM) chime in on this part, but the starship combat didn't feel that complicated, it just took some getting used to. It certainly doesn't take a "tabletop mentality" to get the hang of either. The real trick is to get the characters on board to figure out what their jobs are during a space combat.

    If your players area already tackling the not-so-simple mechanics of Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader, the starship combat will be a breeze...

  5. Thanks for that! My main concern is that the starship battles will feel like a completely separate game, and ruin the "mood".

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