Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cleaning House

A weekend or two ago I just could not sleep. This isn't that rare for me, but I had insomnia in a bad way. So I cleaned up my painting desk and work table. I took everything off, dusted it, cleaned individual items, and even used Pledge, haha.

I also 'cleaned house' so to speak with the inordinate amount of figs in my queue. Ugh, we all have this problem, and even though I have, literally, hudnreds of unpainted figs in boxes, are any of them really pressing? No, not not really. To that end I boxed up 75% of the clutter in my painting queue. It's boxed up now, and the neatness shows.

This hulking behemoth has got to be painted! Project Ragnarock was conceived as a mega-scale fig to use in games of SuperSystem. Somewhere along the lines I got the idea to magnetize his hands (so I could have a flying stand of one fist zooming around the battlefield) and he's been in limbo ever since. He'll become a member of the Super Soviets.

Of course we all collect odd bits and ends here and there to use in terrain projects and scratch builds. This is my burned-out automobile headlight collection. I plan on basing these on metal washers and painting them up as "flavor text" terrain pieces. Of course I'll mask off the bulb part, leaving it clear once finished. They should turn out all right.

Do I even need to recount the long and arduous journey my ten 40mm Choctaw have endured? This is almost a running joke I'm sad to say. When you're not currently gaming in the genre, it's hard to get inspiration to finish projects in said genre. These guys have suffered long enough though, and their time is close at hand!


  1. I just LOVE your terrain projects! I can't wait to see what you do to your burned-out automobile headlights, what great found objects!

  2. Thanks Señor Esty! I don't know how elaborate they'll be, but they should add a little extra 'flare' on the tabletop, ahem, no pun intended!

  3. Ah if only I could get my space so pretty.