Saturday, November 7, 2009

Crashed H.E.A.P.

The one that didn't make it...

The last of my H.E.A.P.'s are all finished up. Original this were going to be objective markers, but they're way too big, so they are now small terrain pieces, or "flavor text" as I like to call them. Obviously this is one pod that had a rough landing.

Collect all three!

I took notes when I painted the first one, which I recommend to anyone out there. Although about ten months have passed from painting one to another, thanks to my notes, I had the exact colors and steps written down, so they end up looking like they were painted during the same afternoon. This current one I imagine was once on fire, so it is a lot dirtier (sootier) than the first two, and obviously the cracked shell and skeletons are a new addition. I painted it up to look like it's been crashed for a while, but a plume of cotton smoke coming out of the breach in-game might give it a pretty nifty little smoke effect.


  1. I really like them, love the skellies falling out of the capsule.

    Cracking mate.

  2. They're wicked bro - don't write them off as objectives just yet - a larger objective is just a different challenge ;)

  3. I adore the H.E.A.P.s!

    First of all, that Star Wars escape pod is one of my all-time favorite toys, so I was kinda predisposed to liking this project from the start... but your execution is awesome! I think the 3rd one with the skeletons is by far my favorite, but the whole trio is just... wow.

    I really, really want to steal this idea. Great job, sir.

  4. These look great! Thanks for the steps too!

  5. Good work all around both in the work on the figures and the cleaning up of your space. I have been dragging my butt on organizing a space.

  6. Thanks everyone! Sorry I waited so long to reply! These came out pretty well, I'm happy with them, and I think this crashed one is my favorite as well.

    It's funny how these projects take shape, it was just while prowling the shelves at Home Depot without any real direction in mind.