Monday, November 2, 2009

Podcast Announcement

Well it was bound to happen. I've often talked about how lucky I am to be surrounded by a cadre of close friends who share the same passion for gaming that I do. With the exception of a few new additions, I've been rolling dice with these guys going on twenty years now. Well, as the title suggests, we've entered the realm of podcasting. Sort of.

It's been a running joke around our table for a few years now, us doing a "podcast", ease of technology facilitated the plunge. I am making no allusions, I want to get that clear, as you'll see, it's a bunch of grown men sitting around, hanging out, and more importantly geeking out, it's closer to the "actual play" podcasts out there than the more structured ones, but who knows what format we'll stick to, or even if it will be a regular thing.

It's most fitting that the podcast and the accompanying blog went "live" just this Halloween. The blog is there to support the podcast itself, and for some of the other players in our group to have an outlet to post stuff from time to time without having to go through the hassle to start up and run their own solo blog. I had wanted to invite them on as authors here, but with a name like "Mik's Minis" it didn't seem "team" oriented.

So, there you have it, we have a podcast, only one episode but it counts, iTunes is still verifying it, so it's not live there, yet. We also have a group blog set up to go along with it. Of course when I say "we", it's all those great buddies of mine. I present:


  1. Cool, I am now following it, I will listen to the podcast later tonight.

  2. Thanks, but I cringe at the thought, you're the first 'civilian' to do so!

    Post your thoughts over on the MotMM site too so the others can benefit.

    I did mention this was total amateur hour, right? :)

  3. Thanks Brother Vizlani! I see you've already joined the blog too. It won't be as prolific as this one, but hopefully you'll get some good stuff out of it.

    Leave a comment there and let us know what you think!

  4. Looks interesting - and concerns a game by which I'm quite intrigued. I have a scheduled couple of hours of hobby time tonight, so shall give it listen and get back to you.

    Hopefully you don't have a guy who doesn't know how to close his mouth while he's chewing the crunchiest crisps on the planet... :D Turned me off the Games Master Show pretty sharpish...

  5. @Itkovian: Yeah, umm, about having some joker crunching in the mic...that would be me! I didn't know the mic was so sensitive! I swear it's not bad, and it won't happen again!

  6. LOL. Don't worry - it wasn't extreme, you sounded like you had your mouth closed and managed to finish your mouthfuls before you started talking, so it's all good. ;)

    I liked it, and your taste in music isn't bad either... :D