Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dark Angels Army

Here's my Dark Angels army in all its glory. This army was started originally back during second edition and used the excellent Angels of Death codex. It's probably my favorite army to date, I love everything about the Dark Angels, from their fluff, to their artwork, to the dark green power armor. Plus, of all the chapters (except Black Templars I guess) they are the most "gothic" with their flowing robes and iconography. After tallying up the points, they are just shy of 2,500 points total, of course I'd need to lose one of my three HQ choices to make them "official". There's a lot of gaping holes in this army, namely transports and armor, but those will have to wait. Here you go for all they're worth, a lot of these have been finished since I started this blog, so I linked back to the original posts, enjoy!


Interrogator-Chaplain Medeiros

The Death Dealers, Command Squad

Captain Othniel of the Fourth Company

Chapter-Master Tracto


Deathwing Squad Kostova

Deathwing Squad Harbinger

Scout Squad Whitefeather

Venerable Dreadnought Brother James


Tactical Squad Terminus

Tactical Squad Primus

Tactical Squad Antiquis

Tactical Squad Minimus

Fast Attack:

Assault Squad Vindicta

Assault Squad Yersinia

Assault Squad Icarus

Heavy Support:

Land Raider "the Sword of Caliban"


  1. Mik,

    They look great. I want to do a Deathwing army but that is a few projects off.

  2. Thanks BJ, the only problem with Deathwing (for me) is that they're, by far, the hardest part of a Dark Angels army to paint!

  3. Good stuff, loving the converted storm bolters, I used to make those back in 2nd edition too :)

  4. Beakies! Yes! I loved those guys. The size difference between them and the newer marines isn't as great as I'd thought it would be either.

  5. @Tristan: Thanks! I love the mentality behind storm bolters; why have one bolter when you can weld two together and have twice the firepower!

    @kelvingreen: Thanks, glad you like them. I gave them pre-heresy right shoulder pads too. The size difference is only noticeable when you hold them right up next to the newer ones.

  6. Hmm, William...

    I had never considered it, but I'm not adverse to the idea. I'll be honest with you up front, it'd have to be a pretty legit offer, if you know what I mean!

  7. The Dark Angel has an aspect more Gothic and darkly

  8. They really do, it's probably why I chose them over all the other options. Thanks for stopping by.