Thursday, November 12, 2009

Red Alert!

Ugh, and this was supposed to be the week of Dragon Age Origins too...


  1. That's a right bummer... One of the reasons I don't own an Xbox... PS3 FTW!

  2. Ha! Rub it in! I've had my console for a little over two years and thought this little surprise had skipped me altogether, I guess not. Bummer indeed...

  3. Have you contacted Microsoft at all? Will they replace it?

    I was actually looking at Dragon Age - heard some good reviews - and was starting to think of dropping the cash for an xbox sometime soonish... Problem is, stories like that, and the actual experience of trying to hear your tv over the noise the fan makes make you think twice.

    Hope it gets itself fixed soon. Either that or that you finally see sense and come over to the Right Side... :D

  4. It's funny, at lunch my wife asked why I "don't just buy a PS3?". Is she sending me mixed signals, I dunno! I call shenanigans, it's gotta be some kind of weird mind game...

    The good news is that XBox was very cool with it, I've got shipping labels coming to me and although it's well outside of warranty status, they'll fix it and send it back no charge.

    And yeah, everything I've heard says Dragon Age is plumb amazing...

  5. This happened to ours just over 12 months after we got it. Quick turnaround on the fix, but very inconvenient.

  6. Ah crap!

    Sorry, dude. Glad to hear that MS is being upright about it.


  7. craptastic! glad to hear they're fixing it though. definitely PS3 FTW (especially with blu-ray coming out on top)

  8. @Other Kevin: Yup, nice they're fixing it, but very inconvenient to say the least!

    @Tristan: I've already got a Blue Ray player though! I love my XBox, I really do, hopefully this will be a singular fluke...


  9. I have had the "red Rings of Death" and must admit that I was happy with Microsoft's response and quick turn around.

    I believe that Xbox has the better lineups for games and believe that Xbox Live is a main reason for my change to xbox. I used to be a PS supporter having both PS1 and PS2 to my gaming experience. But Xbox live is what changed my loyalty ...

    Hit me up .... jmezz382 is my screen name ..... CODMW2 is the game flavor of the month