Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Huzzah!

So here in a few days I'll be announcing my projects for 2010, it's really no surprise (Vikings, 15mm sci-fi, etc.) but the new year came early this week! The fine folks over at Dropship Horizon, which by the way is an amazing resource for 15mm sci-fi gaming, recently held a little holiday contest, the Dropship Xmas Cracker.

They posted pics of some great looking 15mm alien mercs soon to be released by Critical Mass Games, and held the contest open for people to write background bios on one of the characters shown. One winner was chosen at random right off the top, and a second winner was chosen from among a group of five finalists. Craig and Dale at Critical Mass have graciously donated one of each of their three new packs to the winner.

But wait, there's more! Gordon Roach of Task Force Production Games has also donated some prize booty. Andy and I have actually played the first edition of We Can Be Heroes a while back, and SeƱor Roach has put forth the latest edition, a PDF copy of We Can Be Heroes II. Described recently on TMP as a fusion of .45 Adventures and Chain Reaction (which is good, I've played both and love them). It's more realistic than .45 Adventures, and more cinematic than Chain Reaction. Sounds good, sign me up. Plus, as the images on their main site show, I'm assuming you'll be able to handle a host of genres (shown is a pulp hero, a pirate, and a sci-fi colonial marine) so that excites me as well. I may need to break out my Chaos in Cairo figs!

One of Critical Mass' packs. Check out at that alien on the far left!

Another of Critical Mass' packs; the contest figs to write bios on.

The last pack, mini-mecha robot walkers!

So, all in all, quite the little prize pack going down. Naturally I would not have lavished quite this much of a post just for the fun of it, but I was the winner! Woohoo, that's right, out of the thirty one entries, mine somehow clawed it's way to the top, and I read every one of those entries and I'm just as surprised as you. There were some awesome entries, kudos to everyone who entered. Without further adieu, here's my entry!

Aliases: Ms. Scarlet, Shard
Real Name:
Banda Krone

Shard hails from the crystalline planetoid belt in the eastern fringe of the Horner system. Her translucent features are concealed beneath a thick, thermal cowl. Shard acts as an illegal arms dealer with secret channels and in the back rooms of Mudd Eisley. With Mudd Eisley's constant influx of mixed alien traffic from all over the sector, Shard is able to procure a myriad of different weapon types and fulfill most requests for hard to find items. She carries a crystal-focused energy weapon from her homeworld of Zoysia Prime.

So what can I say? I'm extremely thrilled, and THANKS! The Dropship Bunny seems to have come early this year, truthfully I didn't even know she existed until now! Dropship Horizon has been a great resource for me since I started following their blog, and I use them as my number one source for 15mm sci-fi news, specials, and announcements. It's very cool of them to have held the contest, and even cooler of the folks at both Critical Mass Games and Task Force Productions to put forth some great prizes to boot!


  1. Congratulations on winning the 1st prize Mik.

    Every entry stood out as being awesome but your pipped the post because of your background for possibly the hardest of the Merc figure to bring to life.

    Very well deserved!

    I'm pleased you won as it led me to your blog, which I'm going to enjoy following!


  2. Thanks again for running the contest Mark! 2010 will see a good deal of 15mm gaming, so stay tuned!

    The only reason I went with "Ms. Scarlet" was at the time when I posted, that was the only figure left! Glad you guys liked it...

  3. That's awesome Mik. Too often when you win something or get a freebie it ends up being something only marginally useful (at best). Getting some figures usable for a project you are actively interested in is a big bonus...

    Of course, now you have to get your new additions painted!

  4. Congratulations Mik! Nice write-up.
    Looking forward to hearing how your games go!

  5. @Brian: Yup, this is one prize pack that will go to good use. At least painting should go quick given their size...but I just added another 54 figs to the mix!

    @Bill: Thanks! We're on track to playtest some upcoming 15mm sci-fi skirmish rules, so I'll keep you posted.