Monday, December 21, 2009

Trip the Comments Spamtastic

Well it finally happened, I had to activate the word verification system for leaving comments. I've had a few spammerific comments pop up here and there, it wasn't a big deal, until today. I clicked the spam box on my Gmail account looking for something else, and I realized I had only been seeing the tip of the iceberg, it was full of spambot blog comments! It's just one extra step to keep the blog relatively clean of pesky intrusions.

Besides, there can be some fun to be had with the words that the system makes you type up. There's been some creative monster mashing going on between Brutorz Bill of the Green Skeleton Gaming Guild, and Eli Arndt of the I SEE LEAD PEOPLE blog with their Word Verification Wednesday features. They stat up a host of critters named after whatever the verification word was. Go check 'em out!


  1. Amazing the things that cause havoc. If not an orc with a blaster rifle ... its the spam bot with an endless supply of garbage to fling at the adventurers ... glad you got a solution.

  2. But like most spam, it can be made into somethign quite tastey and satisfying!

    Thanks for the plug Mik!


  3. I've noticed the same problems on my blog and on the message boards I run lately. Seems like a whole new wave of spam.

  4. I've had my first spam recently - maybe its an indication that we have far reaching blogs now! Pat ourselves on the back and delete those darn comments!

  5. I'll be honest, I've never eaten Spam, just never had the chance!

  6. I hear Spam is all the rage in Hawaii, but I've never been to Hawaii. Thinks for the Shout Out Mik!

    Word Verification: Whank
    Yikes I think I'll leave that one alone!!