Monday, December 7, 2009

I Broke the Batman...

So I'm a bit slow with my video gaming, which is fine since I can pick up awesome games usually for cheap because everyone else but me has already beat them! My buddy Rucht loaned me his copy of Arkham Asylum last month, and the morning I went to put in the disc is when my Xbox died. Ugh. Anyway, I got it back last week, impressed with their quick turn-around, and I finally got to play Arkham, well, a couple of sittings anyway.

I live in a split-level house, with an open rail in the living room. My Xbox sits upright on the short entertainment center behind the televisionm which just happens to be on the edge of this open railing. I didn't seat the disc fully in the tray and when it went to close, it popped the disc out! In slow motion, I watched it land on the entertainment center on its edge, roll (like the disc it is) off the center, through the railing, and into the air...landing on its edge on the hard ceramic tile landing about eight feet below. Of course the disc broke, there's no way it could've survived a fall like that. Of course it broke.

So now my pickle is two-fold. For one, I was 46% of the way through the game, and it is such a good game. It's got everything; villains, fighting, platforming, puzzle solving, plus it is pure Batman, it's just an awesome game. So for one, I'd like to finish it. Secondly, it was a loaner copy, so I obviously have to replace it, especially since Rucht paid full price for it (as evidenced by the receipt inside the game's clamshell). Kind of a tough double-whammy this close to the holidays, especially when I was saving my sheckles for Dragon Age Origins! I hit a couple of movie rental stores this weekend, but had no luck, there weren't any used copies for sale. I've also lost about a dozen eBay bids for the game because I simply can't go over the $20/$30 dollar mark. My brother Jake is the flea market king, so I've got him putting his feelers out there, but so far he's turned up empty handed as well.

Seems like a lot of bad karma for me, which is weird because I recycle and make sure not to look away from freaks in the streets! If anyone out there has an Xbox copy they want to donate to Mik's Minis, email me and I'll laud you praise, haha. I do have an unopened 40k Chaos Daemon for trade if that helps sweeten the deal...


  1. Good luck mate. Batman arkham Asylum is an awesome game and must be completed. It entertained me for close to a month much to the annoyance of my girlfriend. Hope you pic up a cheap copy.


  2. Tried game stop/wall-mart and all that? :) Worth a shot.

    Also, your friend already played the game right? What if you buy Dragon Age for him instead, and then you can borrow that when he is done:)

  3. I suspect poltergeist activity here. It fits. Sudden electronic interference and failure followed by the spotaneous and destructive movement of objects.

    Yup, definitely poltergeists.

    I would say that after Christmas you should be able to pick up a cheap copy as there will be some out on Ebay from duplicates, unappreciated gifts, etc.


  4. Love that game. Seriously, I hope you get another copy, it ruled.

  5. The Dragon Age suggestion is a good one, if your friend likes that sort of title.

  6. @Chris, Darksol, and KGreen: Thanks, and yeah, it's a great game. I was right at the doorstep to the botanical gardens with my anti-titan venom (or whatever) about to go deal with Poison Ivy. Arrrgh!

    @Flekkzo: Ha! That's a great idea!

    @Eli: I know, there's very spooky activity centered around just this one game; the red rings of doom, the chipped disc...what's the deal?

  7. Mik I agree with Eli, must be poltergeists. Call the Ghostbusters only don't play that horrible NES game.

    I have not yet played this game of Batman. Heck I still have DemonStone unopened at home for my PS2 if that gives you any indication. Now I have played the usual Rock Band, Boom Blocks and Mario Wii. I would like to log some hours on the INdiana Jones lego and Star Wars lego games but I rarely get the time.

    That's funny McLovin my wife let me play though the first chapter of Baulders Gate 2 (I like replaying old games) the other day because she felt I needed a break. If your girlfriend is cool with you playing games and doesn't try to control you bro keep her. Trust me. I did and I love it.

  8. Yeah. You know, I already have a copy of Dragon Age: Origins. It's a bummer that I won't get Batman Arkham Asylum back anytime soon, because I was wanting to play through it again on Hard. Oh well.

  9. Hey WG! Haha, I knew by spilling the beans publicly you'd have showed up eventually.

    Don't worry about me getting it back to you on time, it's definitely my highest priority right now, even if it means putting other stuff on hold. You'll get it back, err, a new copy, in the same amount of time.

    Not only that, but I'm hooked, I want to finish the game, it's awesome!

  10. Update: After having talked to Witchfinder Genera;, err, Rucht, we've got a solution. Since he's already beat Arkham Asylum, I would just be buying him a replacement copy for posterity.

    He already has Dragon Age Origins, and when I mentioned buying it, my wife gave me the "you better not because you're getting a copy for Christmas" look.

    So I'll replace Arkham with a copy of Assassin's Creed 2, which will make it's way into Rucht's hands sometime in January. I still need to rent Arkham though so I can finish it up...