Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rebel Minis Sahadeen Army

Sahadeen Army from Rebel Minis

In my spending frenzy at the end of last year, I picked up a few packs of 15mm figs from the fine folks Rebel Minis. Thanks to the Dropship Horizon, I heard about these guys in the first place, plus they were having an end of year sale to boot.

I picked up every product code they offered in the Sahadeen range (well, except the hab tents), these included a good mix of troop types. I love these snipers, they have a lot of character. They come in pairs, obviously, a gunner and a spotter, I like the extra touch of putting a 'big fifty' style muzzle brake on the rifle.

I have a sizeable force so far with my Star Grunt II figs, pushing seventy five troops or so, and I was looking for something that was a style departure. These Sahadeen were just the thing with their desert fatigues, goggles, and hooded heads.

Sahadeen sniper (left) compared to FoW sniper (right)

heavy and special weapons

The snipers also came with a SAW gunner and rocket launcher. You get two of each type, six total, for a mere $3.49. The tripod gunner and kneeling rifleman came in the separate gun team pack, also with doubles of each miniature.

detail of the SAW gunner, remember, these are 15mm!

detail of the support gunner

kneeling comparison of FoW (left) and Sahadeen (right)

I picked a pack of the Sahadeen infantry to be core troops, but I should've picked up two packs at least. You get 21 figs for eleven bucks and as you can see, a good mix four different poses with five troops each and a separate leader fig. These guys had a fair amount of flash on them, fortunately most of it is on the underside of their bases. One of the four poses has the hood pulled down and you can see the trooper's goggles.

While I was at it, I went ahead and picked up the War Maidens pack too. As you can tell from their name, they're all females, and even though they're on a smaller scale, you can tell a difference between the men and women. These are also neat because they are armed with large pistols in one hand and swords/knives in the other. As you can see, the distribution with the War Maiden poses isn't quite as equal as the infantry.

Here's a little size comparison with a Rebel Minis Earth Force marine in the middle. No, I didn't order this one, it came as a freebie with my order. As you can see, the height is slightly tall, and he's just a tad thinner than GZG. So, from left to right we have a Flames of War trooper, an older RAFM Traveler fig, Rebel Minis marine, GZG Japanese Corp troop, and finally a "predator" that I don't know who made.

Communication was great and I received my order the same week I placed it. The figs looks nice on the website, and sometimes they don't always show up looking as cool, but not this time. There is a great amount of detail on these guys, and plenty of character too. I will definitely order some more from here, not just Sahadeen, but some of the other factions too. It doesn't stop at sci-fi either, they've got plenty of zombie packs, modern military, and even civilians. It doesn't just stop at 15mm either, they've also got plenty of offerings in 28mm too. So what more can I say? I was very pleased with my overall transaction and figures. Check them out at Rebel Minis, the prices are good, the shipping is fast, and the figs look great. Tell them "Mik's Minis sent you"...I've always wanted to say that!


  1. They are great minis. I've got a few, and when my budget permits I'll be picking up some more.

  2. Mik,

    A quick note here. The WWII guys you show in the comparison pics above (the FOW minis) are actually from Quality Castings. While fairly nice minis, they are on the smaller side of the "15 mm" scale. If someone was looking to mix any of these sci-fi figures with WWII minis, a couple of the other WWII lines might offer a little closer match, especially the FOW line from Battlefront.


  3. Hmm they look good. When I get some guys together for 15mm Afghanistan I think I'll go with these guys for sure.

  4. I should update. I mean my near future Afghanistan in 15mm

  5. I am still trying to figure out how to paint mine. I am half tempted to paint them with non-human skin-tones to be aliens.