Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vehicle Reinforcements in 15mm

Above I have a selection of 'light' walkers, the five on the right are classic Battletech mechs. In the foreground is a 15mm soldier for scale. The two larger mechs on the left will be more like "flavor text" mechs or special scenario mechs that require large mining mechs or the like. These come from the defunct line of WizKids' Mechwarrior 'clicker' game. Speaking of which, the two larger 'dreadnought' sized suits immediately to the left of the sample fig are pretty cool and can function as mega-power armor or something.

Apparently walkers are a big deal in the future. Now aside from the age-old arguments that the design of a walker just doesn't make a lot of sense (just ask the Ewoks), there is one irrefutable reason walkers are still prevalent. They look cool. Keeping in mind the Galactic War playtest rules we're dabbling in, walker elements, both light and heavy, play a significant role, but other rulesets, such as the venerable Star Grunt II also use walkers.

Now we have some 'heavy' walkers, and again, the Mechwarrior line comes through in spades. These were a little banged up, sitting in a shoebox in the garage for years, so I've had to do some hack 'n slash 'n superglue action to get them up to par. The primered model, weighing in heavily being all metal, is from the Heavy Gear line.

A note on Heavy Gear models, they are simply beautiful and if I had the money, I would just replace all my walker and mech models with these models. The Mechwarrior models are great, super cheap (in some cases, free) and will do just fine in a pinch, but to really do up 15mm sci-fi "right", it'd be the DP9 models for me, hands down.

I was getting out of Mechwarrior about the time they started to introduce flying units, so unfortunately I only have one of these transport choppers (I cut off its armament). I like the style of a "near-future" battelfield where helicopters and other "mundane" devices are still used. To that end, this chopper is also great.

A removable stand on the base allows the chopper to "hover" on the ground

Here's a smattering a ground vehicles, all of them from the Mechwarrior line. Last month Eli had shown the same HQ Rover in a post of his over on I See Lead People. It was that post that caused me to get all of these models out their eternal shoebox in the garage in the first place. There's also a couple of cool "jeep" like vehicles, one solid looking tank, and a missile truck that I had to convert a bit so it wouldn't look so goofy.


  1. These are great! Looking forward to seeing what you "do" with them!

  2. Ugh, thanks to Dragon Age apparently I'm not "doing" anything, haha!

  3. Right on! I love taking old stuff and converting it to new uses!