Sunday, January 31, 2010

State of Affairs at Mik's Minis

ha, I 'googled' "Mik" and got this...

So, the first month of the new year comes to a close. What do I have to show for it? Umm, not much! Looking back at last year, especially near the end of the year, I was posting every day, now I'm lucky to get a post in every week if that.

My gaming has somewhat slacked off, still getting in board gaming and what-not, and of course you can follow our RPG group on our podcast, but I haven't put brush to fig whatsoever. In fact, I've got a Rackham Dwarf, all he needs is some basing and layer of Dull Cote and he's done...nothing. Have I been playing video games? Yeah, but it's not a guilty pleasure, I stand behind my XBox 100%, but I also can't deny how it completely destroys any other hobby time. Obviously Dragon Age has been the largest culprit, but you know Mass Effect 2 came out this week, right? Oh, and I bought it already, of course. It came out the same week I beat Dragon Age, so I think those blighters had it planned all along!

I missed out on an awesome game of Pig Wars just the other night, and I'm kicking myself for it still. "Vikings" were at the top of my 'get it done in 2010' resolution too. In the 15mm sci-fi department, the rules we were playtesting got a "major overhaul" and I like to think it's in part to our feedback, ahem, but probably not. The Centaur Princess Chronicles have been a pretty big hit as well, so keep checking back here every Tuesday for her exploits.


  1. Let me know how you like Mass Effect 2, I've held off buying it cause I don't have enough free time as it is.

  2. [cue hypnotic voice]
    you will put down your video games and come push minis with us on Friday nights... Video games rot your brain and manly (miniature) Viking combat cures all that ails you... It's cooler to drink beer with others, drinking alone in front of your X-box is sad...
    [end hypnotic voice]

  3. I've just googled 'colcorbane' and just had a reminder that I must finish those trench tutorials I started 10 months ago.

    Cheers mate ;-)

    I've got a friend who's just getting into 15mm scifi, can you make any recommendations to rulesets and model suppliers?

  4. I came specifically to state that video games will rot your brain, but I see Brian has beat me to it!!

  5. Wow, When you put Blood and Blades into Google my blog is the first one at least. When you put in HuronBH it is all me (at least for the first 5 pages).

    Let me know how Mass Effect 2 is, I plan to pick it up in Mid Feb, to much painting to do right now to get distracted by it.

    Keep up the blogging.

  6. @Double B and HuronBH: First off I commend you both for citing 'not enough free time' to pick ME2 right now, I was not as strong. If you like dthe first one, you'll love this one, and they've improved upon it in so many ways to boot. It's a long play sci-fi rpg epic, just know that going in. It's actually a double disc set.

    @Colonel: For companies, I'd look to Ground Zero Games, Rebel Minis, and Khurasan Miniatures, in that order, but there's tons of other companies out there too. For rules, I only know the venerable Star Grunt II by Ground Zero Games. I've heard good things about Alien Squad Leader, and you can always play a skirmish game like 5150 in 15mm scale as well.

    A good blog to check out is Dropship Horizon:

    @Andy and Brian: Yeah, I know, I'm ashamed...