Friday, March 26, 2010

Descent: Journeys in the Dark

I've been sitting on top of Descent for some time, and just recently, Chri3 and I broke it out for a test drive. Over the holidays I picked up the expansion, Well of Darkness, thinking long term for a loose series of linked games, err, a campaign of sorts.

I had been reading up on the rules since I got the expansion, and although Chri3 had never played it, and I played it once years ago, the game went off without any major bumps or hitches. I could attempt the overview/review it, but there's many who have already done that, and with a more thorough job at that. Check out the Boardgame Geek page.

I will tell you it was fun, without a doubt, and I can see that once you get a single game under your belt, maybe two, you've got a good, fantasy romp with little prep and hours of adventure. My thinking, and why I picked up the expansion, was to run a campaign on the side with the group and go from there. It also works as a good pick up game, but not a filler game, 'cause a night of dungeoneering is just that, pretty much all night.

From what we saw and played, it looks promising indeed. Player mortality is a real threat, and there are tons of tactical options that become more in-depth (and fun) the more players you add. Using a campaign set, like Sea of Blood or Road to Legend, you can introduce all kinds of new mechanics into the game, such as overarching villains, half-sized dungeons, and most importantly in a campaign, a unifying narrative.

EDIT: Just today I picked up the Road to Legend campaign box at my FLGS on clearance for -50% off, thanks for the tip Chri3...


  1. Man I've been eying this for some time. Looks fantastic! Thanks for the post!

  2. Thanks 25mm (what's your first name?), hopefully we'll start dungeon diving this spring!