Saturday, March 27, 2010

Italians on Your 6!

Another teaser post until Repple Depple gets the Batrep in!

Last night's game of Check Your 6! was a dogfighter's dream (or nightmare).

It was the Brits versus the Italians, and it was a blast!

Tailing action, lining up for the kill shot...

"Get the bomber!" Brian has set up ingenious, adjustable-altitude flying stands.


  1. A friend of mine has CY6 ..... We decided March was FOW, especially since I am learning still. Who knows what April will have in store for us ....

  2. @ze bulette: The stands really are great. They consist of different lengths of tube, so you can adjust your altitude on the fly, as low as one section on the deck, or up to ten high for jet battles.

    @Joe: Check out Brian's site, link above, he's got some killer CY6 posts, including a game with missiles I couldn't make it to. If your friend had the rules, you guys should check them out at one point, they're a lot of fun.

  3. I have the report and more pictures up on my blog now.

    @Joe: Definitely get some CY6! under your belt. It is a GREAT game - in fact, I consider it probably the best written game I've ever played in terms of combining a realistic feel with ease of play and great fun.