Saturday, March 6, 2010

Eek! Some Mice!

Scout XXX (left), and patrol leader Gurney (right)

Over in Minions land we've been gearing up for some Mouse Guard RPG action. Our resident artist, Biscuit, has been cranking out the sketches character portraits (like the above two PC's), and our last episode is all about character creation. It's funny, there's been a lot of buzz lamenting the loss of our Dark Heresy campaign, but never fear, we'll be back in Emperor controlled space soon enough! For a while however, we're going to kick it furry style and see what happens.


  1. Who said we are not in the Imperium of Man. Remember, in the millions of imperial worlds, there are many primative ones with unique races. Talking mice is not totally out of the realm of possibility.

    I plan to have space marines show up in the Mouseguard game at some point.

  2. Well that's actually a pretty valid point. If this is the case, I definitely want a Hecuter 9 sidearm for my character!

  3. To call Bicuit's artwork sketches is to border on insulting. His illustrations are wonderful and every bit as finished as I'd expect from something in print :)

    Everybody, remember to give your table artists lots of cred and tip them well. We generally accept drinks, free pizza and bonus XP. And be nice and don't give them "cute" titles like "Pencil Whore"


  4. Crikey, I thought those were proper Mouse Guard pieces there. Biscuit is quite the "sketcher"!

    And as Chris says up there, there's no reason these can't be space Skaven. ;)

  5. Awesome character illustrations!

  6. @Eli: Edited! Also, I'm thinking "pencil whore" is going to stick!

    @all: Just wait until you guys see his latest MG character, it's the best one by far! I can't give away to much, but let's just say it's a scientist character on a mount.