Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ragnarok Rising

Raganrok along with the rest of his team, the Super Soviets

Two years ago this winter I wrote a teaser post that foretold of things to come with the above brute of a super-villain. It also included what I thought was a pretty cool silhouette too. Well through much delay, setbacks, and generally ignoring anything on my work desk, I've finally finished him, the largest miniature I've ever painted!

Ragnarok began life as an action figure from the "Adventures of Spawn" line. The character is Overkill, and you can see a pic of him in his original guise here. It was one of those figures I picke dup "just because". It was pretty cool and had great lines and would good up on the shelf with the other assorted figures, I did not initially plan on "re-purposing" him.

The right hand has been magnetized, so it's easy to swap out. As you see from the "in progress" shot, there's also a big, honking chainsaw attachment you can swap out. Instead of letting it lay around for longer, unfinished, I just painted the fist. I can always add the chainsaw later. Also, since the fist detaches, I am going to devise a small, flying stand for it, with a magnetized 'exhaust' plume to attach so the character can "launch" his fist, Shogun Warrior style, in game. Then you would have this fist flying around the rest of the game, smacking the enemy around. It would have stats like a sidekick. I've been playtesting some Galactic War I rules for Scott Pyle lately, maybe I can get him to stat Ragnarok up?

At the top of the post you can see Ragnarok with the rest of the Super Soviets, (and here's the reinforcements). As you can see from that pic, this fig is absolutely HUGE! The lines of the action figure fit perfectly with the lines and the style of the Four-Color SuperSystem figs too. I also like how even though the scale is across the board, and how they all have matching bases. Now everyone's painted up in matching uniforms, I have one heck of a team! Based on Donogh's comment below, I swapped this pic with the first pic of the post so right off the bat you get a sense of how massive this latest addition really is.

"Larger than a really large tank." One last scale pic...


  1. OH ! I like this guy a lot ..... so many possibilities.

  2. Wow! The pic with the rest of the crew and the land raider really give us some idea of just how large this guy is!

  3. Love the big guy, but don't the big guys really come out a bit on the weak side given the rules for Superfigs. Of course, I only have 2nd Ed.

  4. You're not finished until you've finished the fist!

  5. Thanks Jmezz and Donogh, he was a lot of fun to paint up, and I dare say he looks even cooler in person. The only problem is that he doesn't store well, as you can imagine!

    @Eli: 2nd edition is all I have as well, but since the characters are all built on points, I'm guessing this one would weigh in at a 170 point build (instead of the standard 85).

    @Andy: I know, I know...it was either let him sit around, 90% done for another two months, or just get him "table ready" here and now! The flying fist will make an appearance! Oh, by the way, if you image google "shogun warrior fist" the first pic you come to is quite the eye opener. NSFW!

  6. Ah, was under the impression that 85 was the cap and that the powers really didn't scale up to really high levels.

  7. Yeah, if you look through some of the entries in the back you'll see a few 170 point "monsters". One is a giant Ape Mecha with pilot, and there's at least one more, a Weird War US Army walker. I don't know how balanced they are however...