Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Fistful o' Pulp!

I recently picked up a slew of pulp figs in a trade (that included yesterday's Dark Angels) made by the fine folks over at the aptly named Pulp I focused mainly on bad guys and villains because, well, pulp bad guys are cool! Also, I've been sitting on a ton of Westwind pulp figs from back in our Chaos in Cairo days, so I broke those guys out too, and over the weekend had a pulp assembly party. It's easy to tell the two company's figs apart; the Westwind Chaos in Cairo figs all have slottabases, the Pulp do not.

The Good:

left to right: Wang, Nestor, Shan, and Hampton

DuBois (foreground) leads a unit of French Foreign Legion

The Bad:

The Servants of Set, led by Khotan (foreground)

Hooded and Gas-masked cultists led by the Crimson Scorpion (front)

Steel Mask (front) and his harem of howling SS She-Wolves

The Ugly:

left to right: The Emerald Skull, Professor Price, and Mr. X

left to right: Akhun, the Husk, Baron Von Draken, and Shaitan


  1. Woot! Pulp minis are awesome! I've seen the minis before but do they have a rule set for em?

    Would be a shame if they're just RPG fodder.

    Heh I agree with you... you occupy my "I would let this guy kick my ass all over the opposite end of the game table if we lived in the same section of the country" list.

    If there is one blog in the warp I look up to the most, wished mine was like and valued the variety of its content... it's yours mate!

  2. Heya, thanks for all the kind words. These figs are definitely *not* "rpg fodder", heh. We haven't narrowed down one set, but possible contenders for rules are: Flying Lead, .45 Adventures, We Can Be Heroes 2, and Chaos in Cairo. I'm sure I left one or two out, needless to say, there's lots of pulp rules options out there.