Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sci-Fi Simians

Lt. Frikk and Engineer Frakk of the UZC (United Zhuh-Corps)

So I've threatened to run a 5150 game for some time. It would feature all host of aliens, both friend and foe, as well as an interesting mix of linked campaign games hovering in the gray area somewhere between tabletop and RPG, but I've already said too much.

You can find any number of the (apparently not so) defunct AT43 line on super clearance pretty much wherever miniatures games are sold. I picked these two guys up not even in a trade, just as "gimmes". There's a large, apelike simian race in the Illegal Aliens sourcebook. These Karmans are just the trick to fill the figure gap when it comes to representing 5150's Zhuh Zhuhs.

You can pretty much agree universally that the figs from AT43 were solidly "not bad". For these two chaps I did do some refurbishing, just to get them up to spec and look halfway decent on the tabletop. The first thing I did was base them. All I used was some green flock, adhering it to their bases with plain, ole white glue. A little basing goes a long way.

Next up I removed their goofy "arm guns". Each figure had two plasma pistol looking guns anchored down on the armored wrist guards on their right arms. I popped these out, you can see the slots they used to go in, and trimmed one down to make it like a pistol to be the normal way, and the other got glued to the engineer's leg to look like it's been holstered (in this case it uses a cool, magnetic clamp).

Finally I worked on their faces, the most prominent feature of most figures, and also the weakest area to do justice to. I painted their eyes white first, then went in and 'dotted' them with black. They were no longer blind! For the mechanic I went in with a bright green and painte dhis targeting reticule, then gave it a slight highlight. For the other figure I went and painted the lenses on his goggles red and repaitned his cigar so that it would look like, well, a cigar. Finally I hit both faces and hair with a little Badab Black wash from GW. Speaking of washes, I also used Devlan Mud on their leather pull-over caps for a tad more depth.

All in all, they'r e no great shakes, but they will definitely get the job done when it comes to introducing a cool, new alien element in any given game. Enjoy!


  1. Nice looking updates to the figures. Fortunately AT-43 is not defunct, so there should continue to be plenty of stuff from the line to cannibalize well into the future. :)

  2. Good to know about the line. I don't know so much about the rules, but I definitely like the Karman figs...

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I am glad it is not defunk, too. The TacArms make for great 15mm combat walkers.

  4. Wow! Could this possibly be the origin of this: ???

    They look great!

  5. I need to have a better look at this AT43 lark, I keep seeing it popping up and it has some good stuff.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. @Señor Howell: Lol, that was hilarious!

    @Col. Corbane: There are some definite gems in their model ranges that have all kinds of potential. The rules I could without...