Saturday, April 24, 2010

Arcane Legions Up For Grabs

That's a lot of game for just...$45 bucks!

Well I don't feel too shameful posting this here, after all I've got well over five hundred posts and nary a 'buy my stuff' post in sight. It's pretty simple, I've had my Arcane Legions stuff sitting on a shelf for some time, and it's pretty apparent that my group's not going to be getting around to playing it anytime soon. Also, if you're a regular reader here, you know that A) we keep a very busy gaming around these parts, and B) with the Vikings almost done, 15mm sci-fi is nearing it's time in the limelight. Hence these guys on the block.

Full-on Han

Pre-painted characters and critters from three booster packs (x19)

Chinese Infantry Swordsmen (x20)

Chinese Archers (x20)

Cavalry, five each of archer, light, and heavy Samurai (x15)

To begin with I have the starter boxed set, which includes three armies (Egyptian, Han, and Empire). My buddy Chrispy also got a starter box for himself, and we traded; he got all of my Roman army stuff and I got all of his Han army stuff. So this is a starter box with all of the regular starter box stuff, except it's got double the Han, and zero Romans.

The starter Egyptian army, unopened

Just a bunch of the extras; bases, turn template, unit cards...

So why just $45 bucks? 'Cause that's all I paid for it. You may recall, I won the starter box in a raffle, so all I paid for was the three booster packs and the cavalry pack. There's another 'intangible' that comes with all of this, and that is where I've already snipped, trimmed, and assembled all of the Han models I had. This was a pretty tedious process, so I saved you a bunch of time, haha. I'm opening this up to the readers here first, if I don't get any bites, I'll be sticking it up on eBay for probably double as a 'buy it now'.

I'm not going to give you a sales pitch or anything, I've posted a review of it a while back anyway, but I will say it's a cool little, self-contained miniatures game that's got a lot of tactical and strategic options. I'm just hoping it will find some play in another person's collection. Furthermore, the money I get from selling this is going to go right back into 15mm sci-fi so I can pick up the fairly recent Future War Commander rulebook. I'll also go with a straight up trade, but I'm not going to hold my breath on that one, haha.

The whole enchilada:
How about we throw in five bucks for shipping bringing it to an even fifty for the lot? If you're outside the United States, we may need to talk about the shipping charges a little bit. We can do PayPal, money order, check, whatever, I'm pretty easy going. Just email me at "miksminis at" if you're interested, 'cause I really want to get FWCommander!

EDIT: SOLD! Thanks again Jason!

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