Friday, April 23, 2010

Valuable Cash and Prizes!

another winning random Google image search pic...

The "Pay-it-Forward" Super Blog Chain Giveaway!

Want some good gaming karma? Ready to 'game-it-forward' as I've heard some put it? Looking for a killer set of brushes for the paint desk? Look no further than the Santa Cruz site:

Basically they [gave] away a great prize pack, but [there was a] catch. Whoever the winner [was had] to have an equally good prize of their own to give away on their own blog, with the same conditions to be met by the new winner, who will in turn do the same.

It's a great idea, and I think it goes on to help further grow those gamer connections I had eluded too in my barter bucket editorial not too long ago. So head over give it quick once-over and then jump feet first into the whirlwind of karmic gaming goodness.

EDIT: The winner of the first part of the contest has been announced, it was Cawshis Clay of the blog Adepticus Prime. Congrats to him! Now he has started phase two of the 'blog chain giveaway' and is offering up a unopened Eldar War Walker squad box. To win these walkers, good for any alien tech baddie in any rule-set, simply sign up at Adepticus Prime, and say what prize you'll offer to your readers if you win those walkers.


  1. ...I'm sorry, what was this post about?

  2. It is a wonderful idea and why I entered! Great prizes, visit new blogs and meet new people! What else can you ask for on the interwebs?

    I've even added "Good Karma". :)

  3. And I edited the above post to reflect the torch being passed to your blog to boot!

  4. Thanks for the post, this could be epic.

    I wonder how long till I can enter?

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  5. Ha, you've got to wait longer than me!