Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Alien Mercenary Platoon

Let me start off by saying how much I love 15mm! I was able to crank out quite a number of figs over this last weekend. When I say "quite a number", I mean personally for me; 32 single-based figs in just three days? Forget about it! Above I've got my merc platoon, it consists of Ground Zero Games' Kra'Vak and Japanese. The Japanese figs are the bulk of the platoon, and the Kra'Vak figures act as the HQ squadron of the platoon.

The HQ Squad

I'm not adhering to the GZG background, so these Kra'Vak aren't really Kra'Vak per se. Instead, they're just some kind of cool alien, kind of a cross between the Predator and a Klingon with the technology kit of the troops out of Halo thrown in for good measure.

Closeup of some of the aliens, I especially like the SAW gunner

This platoon is part of a much larger overall army, and although I wanted a little unity in color scheme overall, I wanted to differentiate these guys a tad. To this end I went a little outside of the box and opted for a orange/yellow/tan/brown color scheme. They also have dreadlocks it looks like, so I added extra color in the form of beads in their dreads.

The rest of the platoon

The remaining three squads of the platoon are comprised of the Japanese Corporate figs. I felt these were unique enough to pass as alien. Plus with the larger helmets, I can say they're the same race as what the Kra'Vak represent and are keeping all those dreads tucked up under there. These 24 are pretty much all the same fig, so I'm not going to bore you with repetitive pics. I will say, as with the Kra'Vak above, I like the SAW gunners quite a bit, and am a bit underwhelmed with the missile launchers. I've got color stripes on the shoulder pads to keep the three squads separate, and color plates on the sergeants' helmets to match.

Some closeups of the troops

Although they're different sculpts, I still went with the same color scheme to unify them. I must say I'm happy with how it turned out too. I like the armor here with the segmented plates in the front as well as the shoulder and forearm plates. Overall fun stuff.

x120 troopers later...

Best of all, this last platoon completes my 'army box' once and for all. I'll do up a big company post soon to show off everyone at one time. I've got three platoons of three squads and a command squad each, three power armored squads, and a single CiC HQ squad. They were built originally for Star Grunt II, but I can see them getting some play in Future War commander as well. According to my queue, I guess it's time for pulp or HotT now?


  1. Those are fantastic! I'm sorely tempted to break out my copy of Galactic Grenadiers and paint them now. They've been neglected for 30 years...

  2. Wonderful! I love the paint scheme!
    I've been slowly working on some Rebel Minis Earthforce Marines and Sahadeen forces.

  3. Thanks Mike, man I tell ya, I've been digging 15mm sci-fi quite a bit lately. Break out those Galactic Grenadiers chief, they need some love!

    @Atom Kid: Thanks, feel free to 'borrow' it. I've got some Sahadeen myself, I need to get some of those Rebel HAMRs! They've got some great figs. I've got a single Earth Force guy debuting pretty soon...

  4. Very nice. These guys were going to be my next gzg project actually. I am going to shamelessly copy your scheme. Can you tell me what paint recipe you used?