Monday, June 14, 2010

Caveman: 1, Clown: 0

The new Lego mini-figs are out and trickling their way into the stores. These aren't the ones that come with the sets mind you, Lego is dipping into the collectible market now. For a buck ninety-nine you get a 'mystery bag' that has one of sixteen random Lego figs in it. Now the cool thing; these figs are completely unique, you can't get them in any current or past set, and they come with unique pieces as well. Even a random fig is worth that. There's all kinds of cool ones too; a Luchador, Caveman, Robot, Gunslinger, and even a Lego Zombie.

The three I was able to snag (thanks to my buddy Chri3) were the Circus Clown, Nurse, and Caveman. All three figs are new in the paint and heads department. The clown comes with a "squeaky" bugle, and a new red 'fro hairpiece. The nurse came with not one, but two syringes, a new hairpiece, and a flat 2x2 tile with a printed clipboard. My fave (I was hoping for) is the Caveman. He's got a new hair/beard combo, and a sweet club that looks like an exact replica, scaled down, of the Castle Troll's club. Let me know which ones you get!


  1. Got 2 spacemen, the nurse, the magician, and the luchadore this weekend. Looking to trade off the spare spaceman, any takers?

  2. I'll take you up on the Spaceman! Congrats on the Luchadore, I know you were gunning for him!

  3. Clowns are scary. Hooray for the caveman!

  4. I was wondering where these minifigs were hiding. I thought they came out months ago. I haven';t seen them anywhere.

  5. Toys R Us had them a couple of weeks ago, but they seem to be come and gone in Minnesota.

    Have--Crash Test Dummy, Clown, Indian, Magician, 2x Robin Hood, Space Man, 2x Space Robot, Nurse, 2x Zombie, Skateboarder, & 2x Ninja!

    The clown-fro looks good on the zombies.

  6. @Christian: Yeah, clowns freak me out, so the anthropologist in me corrected the situation!

    @Andrew: You can now order them directly off of Lego's site. They're .50 cents more, but guaranteed in stock.

    @GratSaxV: Good on ya! Robin Hood is on my wishlist, as is the Robot, the Zombie, the Ninja...well pretty much any of them! I don't think the toy stores planned ahead in regards to the cheap price of each, and the collectible factor.

  7. I finally got the magician the other day. He was the last one I needed.

    I read online that there may be a potential problem in ordering from Lego directly. Many folks have been sent the 5 figures they ordered, BUT, they were all the same figure. I believe I read it on but I cant seem to find the forum link.