Monday, June 7, 2010

The Eulonteos Engagement

Deep in the frozen lands of Sarterra's southernmost continent, the profane Ice Elves have not only scratched out a meager existence, but have learned to thrive there. The massive, walled city of Eulonteos stands at the base of the Land's End mountains, and represents the last point of civilization before the frozen void beyond. Many outposts and smaller settlements dot the landscape near Eulonteos, most within just a day or two journey from the city itself. It is here that forces of Sarterra clashed; the greedy Duergar, dark Dwarves bent on expanding their subterranean stranglehold, the soulless Liche in service to Nesut Ammon, raising his army from the crypts of his enemies along the way, and the profane Ice Elves, cruel and spiteful, as cold in demeanor as their surroundings.
Technically it was going to be boardgame night, but at the last minute we called an audible and opted for Song of Blades and Heroes instead. Great game, I can't say enough good things about it really. We haven't played in a while, but set up was a snap. We didn't have forces ready, but it took no time to whip up three complete lists, and for models, we just grabbed whatever was laying around. Since we spent so much time and work on our Sarterra collaborative world-building, it has become the default fantasy setting for all of our games.

Hailing from lands so far abroad it defies comprehension, this follower of Ammon washed ashore on the southern continent alongside the wreckage of a shipwreck. Lost at sea for months, this Liche from the city of Djedet sustained his life energies by siphoning those of his crew. Drawn to the city of Eulonteos, and the life energies within, the Liche began moving overland. His warband is composed of the remains of Ice Elves, plundered from their unhallowed tombs. A lone zombie of unknown origins also accompanies the warband.

Emperor Ittondor created the Ice Elves of the southern continent in his own twisted image. When word arrived that undead were marching on one Eulonteos' settlements, a small band was detached to investigate. Two warriors and an archer were led by a female scout. Alongside the Elves were also an Ice Elemental, and am enthralled Frost Wasp.
This is a case of proxying, of sorts. Originally I was going to play a Wood Elf warband, but when we randomly chose the southern continent, I changed it up to the evil Ice Elves. Just imagine instead of a Tree-Man, it's an elemental, greens are light blue, etc.

The Duergar appear wherever strife and conflict seem to be at their thickest. It is unknown how these particular Duergar arrived on the southern continent, but it is unlikely they arrived by sail. Given their propensity for rooting out and using portals deep under the earth, it is more likely that they arrived through an underground passage via these temporal ley-lines. It is also unknown what their goal is, but they arrived with many high-ranking individuals. A hero of previous encounters, the veteran lady is flanked by two of her hand-picked warriors. Leading the entire expedition is the Slayer Commander, flanked by his own slayer guard, one of whom has brought along his enslaved Goblin pet.

The bulk of the Duergar warband advance across the smaller bridge

The Undead warband, led by the Liche, skirt the forest edge
  • The first couple of turns all parties advanced towards center of table
  • Skeletons fire their bows at the Frost Wasp, all missing grievously
  • The Djedetian Liche transfixing the Elemental first try...
  • ...which the Elemental was able to shake off immediately the next turn
  • Frost Wasp crosses river to threaten Duergar rear guard
  • The Ice Elf archer moves to river edge to harass the Duergar rear guard with arrows

Ice Elves advance through the cover of the blighted forest

It looks like I'm going to have to get crafty and follow Repple Depple's Easy Forest Boundaries tutorial and crank some of these out for my house. There was some, ahem, controversy about where the forest edge exactly was. Of course there was no real controversy, just more of the good-natured fun we usually have at the table! Although I changed the fluff of my army at the last minute, they were mechanically Wood Elves, so moving through the woods didn't pose a hindrance to them I could tweak this in the future.

Transfix! The Liche freezes the Elemental in place
  • Skeletons charge the two Elf warriors emerging from the treeline
  • The Elemental is once again transfixed, and hit ineffectively by arrows
  • The Elemental shakes off the Transfixation once again...
  • ...only to be charged directly by the terror-inducing Liche
  • The resolve of the Elemental breaks and he temporarily flees the combat

In the thick of it; Ice Elves and Undead clash in melee

The Duergar rear guard wouldn't take to the harassment well. Elven arrows rained down on them to little effect, but providing cover fire to the gigantic Frost Wasp. One of the Slayers spotted this monster and knew it would make a fine notch on his axe. He tugged at the chain leash attached to his Goblin pet to urge him on, then the Slayer headed straight for his prey.

Splat! Bug juice flies as the Slayer swats down the Frost Wasp

Both Ice Elves and Undead get 'stuck in'

The combat between the Ice Elves and the Djedetians came to a furious climax. Opponents were outnumbered and allies worked back-to-back fending off blows. The Liche himself, after chasing off the Elemental closed on the Ice Elf leader, a female scout. She was considerably less experienced than the Liche, but her drive was stronger and she eviscerated his withered torso. Spurred on by her victory, the warriors at her side swept aside their skeletal opponents. One skeleton archer remained nearby on the hilltop, which the scout charged.

The stout-legged Duergar pressed on like a juggernaut

The lone zombie met its demise at the end of a Duergar axe
The Undead found it too hard to fight capable enemies on both fronts and with their numbers decimated and leader slain, they quickly lost their ability to effectively influence the battle. As the Duergar rolled through the remaining ranks of skeletons they set their sights on the Ice Elves, confidence building with each step. What little skeletons remained were outright ignored by the Duergar as they closed with the Ice Elven warband.

  • On the other side of the field, the lone Slayer and Goblin pet cross another bridge
  • The Elven scout eviscerates one of the Slayers, causing a "gruesome kill"
  • The Duergar is unaffected by the morale check thanks to their "fearlessness"
  • The mighty Duergar Slayer Commander easily dispatched the scout leader

  • An Ice Elf warrior is bested in melee by the Veteran Duergar female
  • Ice Elves test for morale with half their original numbers slain, and pass
  • The Veteran and her Commander fight in tandem against the Elemental
  • One of the Duergar warriors slays the remaining Ice Elf warrior
  • The Elemental, while knocked down, is wounded by the ferocious Veteran

Once the full might of the Duergar found its way to the field, the fate of the Ice Elves was as sealed as the undead before them. Duergar warrior, veteran, and commander alike cut a swath through the fairer-skinned opponents. What remained was the mighty Elemental, bellowing its challenge to the short folk. The outcome would be obvious, but the Elemental wouldn't yield so easily. It gave as good as it got, but in the end it was overwhelmed by its foes.

The sole surviving Ice Elf, the archer, hid among the forest before making his escape. His last act of spiteful vengeance was striking down the pet Goblin slave of one of the slayers. He did this on the move, without slowing, and made it to the bridge. He took once last look at his ally, the elemental, as it was overwhelmed. The archer swore an oath on the bridge that the Duergar would pay dearly for their transgressions. He spat into the freezing water, sneering toawrds the dark dwarves, then took off into dusk.


  1. >There was some, ahem, controversy about where the forest edge exactly was.

    Yep, there's always one guy in every group that can't keep the boundaries straight!

  2. The boundaries were straight... to him, its just everyone else knew better. Trees are trees, Pillars are pillars.

  3. I wouldn't say "better", just different!

    Great game the other night, I've already started putting together a more 'official' "evil ice elf" warband...

  4. Bloody brilliant! Well written and the pics had a cinematic feel. Please put up more of these.

  5. Thanks Josh, check these guys out, it's where I got my inspiration for the batrep, but mine here PALES in comparison to theirs. PALES!

  6. You're right, thanks man...