Sunday, June 6, 2010

Galactic Hooligans of Sector 7!

Rebel Minis calls them the Scourge, Terminator-style robots sent from the future...well, something like that. It's a great look, and they make for great bad guys, but one look at their heads, and I instantly though "aliens"! I painted them up as Red Skull-type marauders with exposed armored areas in both the front and in the back.

These shots aren't the best, certainly not closeups, but I think for tabletop quality, and being 15mm, extreme closeups aren't gonna do a whole lot of justice anyway. I tried for something "space-like" and different with the armor; lots of steel and colored washes, I think it's somewhere in the middle on the like-o-meter for me. Their guns were done in silver with a basic black wash, and I built the skin tones up from orange to red with a final red wash.

I need to thank Flounder once again for these by the way. They came my way in the form of leftover freebies, woohoo, and he shows an alternate scheme for them here.


  1. Love the paint scheme, I painted up mine the more "traditional" way, now I'm gonna have to get some more and do them up your way!
    Nice work!

  2. Thanks! I forgot to mention I also removed the double-inner thigh piston schlongs.

  3. I can't get over just how friggin cool the terrain is. Mega tits!

    Oh and thanks for removing the "schlongs."

  4. Did you just carefully file down the "offending parts"? Also if you get the time, would you post some close ups of the color scheme? I painted up mine the traditional colors, but really like what you've done. I may have to order some more just to paint them up like you did.

  5. Carefully? Ha! No, I just hacked and slashed with a new x-acto blade. It was able to shave up the inside of the leg pretty easily. They might not pass super close inspection, but it'll do.

    I'll try to get some closer pics for ya soon.