Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Storm Wardens Command Veteran

"We can build him, we have the technology...with 100% 'bucket' bits."

I am finally back from the whirlwind of vacationing that has been the last week and a half or so, whew! Time to get to work! I've got a small role to play in the models portion of the massive Storm Wardens Project, but that doesn't mean I'm going to skimp!

I've spoken at length about the talents on the team; Ron Warp, Dave Taylor, SCWH's Mike and John, B-Ry, Drathmere, Jawaballs, Wynn Studio, and Señor Justin. The Storm Wardens blog I spoke of yesterday is displaying all of these finished models as they come across the table. So not only are these guys fantastic painters, but their efficiency is also humbling!

I'm doing one of the veterans of the command squad. He's not as important as, say, the Captain or Company Champion, but he ranks higher than a squad sergeant (I think). I wanted to make him full of character and try to be unique in his own right. Usually the command squad veterans end up just being tactical chumps with bolters, but not this guy!

Festooned with grenades and pouches

For me I wanted to make this guy as symbolic as possible too. To that end, he was assembled with all parts gained 100% through the Barter Bucket. I've got tons of bits myself, but just to add a little extra spice to the mix I went to the bucket...for everything. That way many readers all got to contribute to the project too. He includes a lot of bits for just one model:
  • Blood Angels torso
  • Space Wolves head
  • 2nd edition original MkVII backpack
  • SM Scout grenades
  • SM Pouches
  • 2nd edition Plasma Pistol (my favorite plasma pistol sculpt)
  • Chaos Space Marine legs
  • a Black Templars chainsword
  • Secret Weapon custom resin Storm Wardens shoulder pad
  • resin base also from Secret Weapon
Putting him all together was fun, and following up on my recent Deathwatch project (which I still need to paint) I had some practice at it. Oddly enough, this is the first time I've used a custom base like this, it was incredibly easy too and I can already tell it adds a lot to the overall fig. Just wash it in some soapy water before working with it and you're good to go. The custom shoulder pad is just freakin' gravy in how cool it is.

Base and Storm Warden shoulder pad from Secret Weapon Miniatures


  1. Looking good Mik, he is even kitted out codex legal, I know you are going to remove that mold flash on his leg, and don't worry the painting is not that bad.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  2. He looks cool Mik, I can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. John, yup, he's got flash all over him unfortunately I'm doing my best. I made sure to stick to the codex too, we don't in my circles, so that was an experience in and of itself!

    Thanks Señor and BJ, I've got a plan for the right shoulder pad, hmm, dunno how it'll turn out haha, we'll see. I should be working on him tonight but Something About Mary is calling.

  4. Thanks for the Secret Weapon plug :)

    The model looks great and I look forward to seeing him painted!

  5. Heya Justin, no problem, you've got some killer stuff available. I love the assembly part of the hobby...not so much the painting part! Doing my best though, started him last night, pretty much have the blues, the chest, purity seal, and head done. Gotta go to the store and get Mithril since mine's apparently dried up though!