Friday, June 25, 2010

Vaddarra's Patrol

501 points of choices for Song of Blades and Heroes

We played a great game of SBH not too long ago, but I was shocked to see that it had almost been eight months since the game before it. We really need to crank up the frequency of this gem of a fantasy skirmish game. Totally, utterly, and enthusiastically inspired by that game I cranked out "official" models for the "evil ice elves" from the report. They were proxy of course, and I felt I had to do them justice. Yesterday saw their official Sarterra entry. Instead of making a specific warband of exactly 300 points, I went with a larger spread to have options.

I primed these guys white and used a lot of techniques I normally don't use. After soaking them with a custom-mixed blue wash overall, I went back and added some darker wash to certain areas in the armor. I also started blocking out their cloth and cloaks with a tan. I used a bunch of wet-blending to work their cloth up to a pure white (first time I ever wet-blended like that). Their hair was a chore too, basing as black, and working up with two other really dark blues. All in all, especially given how fast I cranked them out, I'm happy with them. I'm also trying to make a point to quickly paint up figs that other friends give me (instead of just hoarding them) and the basis of this warband came from the Repple Depple blog. The three Reaper elves, and the big Reaper troll were all hand-me-downs, so thanks again Brian!

Tundra Troll, (Troll; Q5/C4, tough, fearless, big, 41pts)

Warband leaders...

Frostfairn Marshall (Dark Elf Leader; Q2/C3, evil, heavy armor, leader, 88pts)
Frostfairn Sorceress (Dark Elf Witch; Q3/C1, greedy, sorcerer, 30pts)

Warband specialists, left to right...

Frostfairn Scout (Dark Elf Sneak; Q2/C2, acrobat, evil, stealth, traps, 48pts)
Frostfairn Berserker (Dark Elf Witch Dancer; Q2/C4, acrobat, distract, 88pts)
Frostfairn Soldier (Dark Elf Warrior; Q3/C3, evil, 30pts)

Warband rank-and-file

Frostfairn Crossbowman (Dark Elf Crossbowman; Q3/C3, evil, poison, long shooter, 50pts)
Frostfairn Crossbowman (Dark Elf Crossbowman; Q3/C3, evil, poison, long shooter, 50pts)
Frostfairn Guard (Dark Elf Halberdier; Q4/C4, evil, heavy armor, 38pts)
Frostfairn Guard (Dark Elf Halberdier; Q4/C4, evil, heavy armor, 38pts)


  1. I do like the look of that troll especially!
    Would some colour on the bases make them stand out more - maybe some rocks/winter foliage?
    Not sure if you noticed but in my "bargain bitz"
    I have some old school dark elves if you like them

  2. AWesome looking warband. I like your retheming of basic Dark Elfs into something with new and distinct character.


  3. You could probably use this as a counts-as shadow elves warband in mordheim too!

  4. Nice Mik.

    I really liked that troll figure and was bummed when I decided he was just too big for my Bloodbowl team. Good to see him getting some love.

    Glad you are enjoying those figs. Far better that than for them to sit unused in a drawer for another 4 years...


  5. I like that Frostfairn Berserker with the unfeasibly large and deadly looking axe and suitably "splattered" white cloak.

    Not a group you want want to bump into in real life :)

    (my WFB blog)
    (my WFB Modeling Gallery)

  6. Great idea Tristan, Mordheim is something I'd like to get into anyway.

    Eli and Donogh, thanks, these guys were a lot of fun to paint up, as far as the bases go, proper "winter" bases continue to allude me, I'll try adding some stuff to them.

    Thanks to you Brian, your figs formed the core of this warband to begin with. Recycling figs is great, like you said; sit in a box for another 4+ years, or get some paint-love and get on the tabletop tight away.

    Sigmar, thanks! Thanks for the blog links too, I'll check 'em out!