Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Whatever Happened to the Traitor Guard Project?

It has been almost a YEAR since I was talking about a Traitor Guard project. A year! Well I was all well and good to move along and keep hopping from project to project, and frankly, I the Traitor Guard project slipped my mind. It may have been looking at all those models to paint, but you know what? Lately I've been churning out models at quite the increased rate. So now all those guard models don't seem so daunting, but that wasn't the kicker.

Well the other day John over at John's Toy Soldiers (I just love blogs that have the author's name in the title, don't you?!?) posted a little batrep featuring his, you guessed, Traitor Guard. Now I'm looking at the pics of his figs, and they are gorgeous, and I'm thinking, "Dude, that is totally doable!". For the most part his army features the same choices mine was, ahem, IS going to, he just did them a tad differently here and there. I'm already sitting on enough stuff to get started and fill my compulsory choices too. Not only that, but as he's shown, these figs ooze character, and would work with any rules and in any sci-fi setting.

So I guess I'm going to have dust off the old "Traitor Guard" label. Now there's stuff in the queue, and projects everywhere, but the Traitor Guard is back on!


  1. Welcome back to the fold! Isn't John's page a great source of inspiration? I was sorry I didn't get a chance to visit him when I was in the UK this last week.

  2. Indeed, it put me back in the saddle with this project I thought was long dead.

    Now the question is to build it using the new IG codex, or the old Eye of Terror one...

    We're not strict 40k players, so there's plenty of wiggle room.

  3. Great! Hope these guys get a kick start soon!