Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Work Desk

The last time my desk was clean was back in November. It's been cluttered since then, so in another (what's becoming scarily characteristic) bout of insomnia, I went to scrubbing again. I already showed you the terrain shelf, and the summer queue, but what about the work desk? I absolutely love seeing other's work space posts, I'm not alone am I? It pretty much looks exactly like it did last time, I added another lamp, and cleaned off (as in painted!) a ton of bare lead that was taking up space. I think that's about it? Maybe a little more, enjoy...

The left side:
  • pics of my girls
  • a big jar full of classic Lego space mini-figs
  • A Mothman glass with large brushes and scissors
  • a pencil mug
  • speaker for the iPod

The middle:
  • 'closeup' lamp
  • my pair of solid brass...dice
  • handmade ceramic cup w/ blades, drills, tweezers, etc.
  • a Sharpie and dry erase marker cup (handmade myself as well)

The right side:
  • my Ruchtcon cup, holds my paint brushes
  • Roswell cup with pens
  • the other iPod speaker

The HAZMAT shelf:
  • lots of sand and ballast
  • lots of flock
  • glues of all kinds
  • some "original" dip
  • miscellaneous solvents

The corkboard behind the desk, kind of like a "Where's Waldo" of gaming...

So that's it for my work area, it's treated me and my figs well, moreso over the last few months than I thought possible. The corkboard above is pretty dated, I look at this photo and I see a Warmachine pic, I haven't played that game in years, though it may be up there because of the Dwarf on it, which I'm partial to. Also, like the Heroclix pic, sometimes I pin up stuff I just like the look of, though some of the stuff up may be for reference, notes, etc. So that's my work space, next time you see my finished pics, they were painted right here.


  1. Dude I throughly enjoyed that and I agree that Mothman should be president... if he only could stand a chance against Cthulhu that is!


  2. Good looking man cave ..... I only wish I had a place to call model home ...... mine is mobile right now :(

  3. Nice! You are absolutely not the only one. Personally I really love watching other work spaces too. It is just fascinating in my pov. Maybe I will do a shot of mine next time, the idea with the corkboard will definitely be copied !

  4. Thanks guys! It's served me well over the years. It's an antique desk, so who knows how old it is, I remember doing homework on it back in middle school! I thought I'd use the corkboard more, but it's remained unchanged for some time now, it's still nice to have up though. Rock on...

  5. That's a really cool "retro" Red Son back there. I don't really go for the classic figures myself, I like the more contemporary stuff, like where he has absolutely no armor whatsoever.

  6. Ha! If I could get a hold of another one of these, I might do just that!

  7. I now need to go home and tidy up my workspace. It is in such a mess! Are you calling all miniature painters cave men? Might be the link to cave painting?