Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Deathwatch Brother Elyas, WIP

Define irony: Making sixteen models, seventeen if you count the test model, for the upcoming Deathwatch RPG and not having a single one match the gear loadout of the pre-generated character you're going to be using!

Define tragedy: Remember said sixteen Deathwatch models? Every single one of them had a bad batch of primer (take your pick; humidity, operator error, etc.) and are essentially RUINED. I even used the "vaunted" Army Painter brand black, ugh. All is not lost, I'm confident that a bath in Simple Green will get them back to square one, but still. Ugh.

So next week we're playing the first Deathwatch intro adventure and I called Dark Angels, I feel I can confidently claim that chapter since, oh I don't know, I've been playing them for the last twenty years on the tabletop! Getting the chance to play one in an RPG is just freakin' too cool to pass up! Since the book's not out yet we're using the pre-gen characters in the starter adventure, and the Dark Angel, Brother Elyas, is an assault trooper equipped with bolt pistol, power fist, and jump pack. The reason I didn't put power fists on the [ruined] sixteen is because swords and axes look cooler, but you can't deny the stopping power of a power fist.

I put in a late request to the Barter Bucket, but I don't think the parts will come in in time, so I had to hatch a plan. Not so much a plan, just another trip to my (seemingly) endless bits boxes downstairs. I'm using the last of my metal MkVI Corvus suits, not one I'd normally pick but it's the one that would require the least work. The rest of the bits as you can see from the pic were easy enough to come by; Dark Angels power fist, Dark Angel and Deathwatch shoulder pads, bolt pistol arm, jump pack, and a head. Oh, and I've got a RT-era combat knife in there just for good measure, it's going on the front of his belt like on the White Scars sergeant I whipped up. So I'm going to Dremel off the existing head and use the plastic Blood Angels one, which has tons of personality, in its place.

So that's my plan, as for the adventure itself, you don't have to wait for the book to get started. The fine folks at Fantasy Flight Games have released the free PDF of the adventure that came out on Free RPG Day, as well as a BONUS follow-up adventure, also as a free PDF.

Final Sanction, Deathwatch introductory adventure

Oblivion's Edge, Deathwatch adventure sequel


  1. good selection of bits to make it work ...

    LOVED your previous post with the lightening bolts on the shoulder pads. Fantastic Mik !

  2. You are so much more dedicated than I am. I would either use a guy without an exact loadout, or maybe a LEGO mockup.

    I guess it depends on who you game with, my son and daughter are not exactly WYSIWYG purists.

  3. Thanks Joe, glad you liked the lightning bolts, you're signed up for the raffle, right?

    @Counterfett: Normally I'm not a stickler either, but since it's an RPG, I like to try and get pretty close to WYSIWYG. It's just more work for me, I've got at least three Dark Angels already with power fists, and even a Deathwatch Dark Angels...with a power fist but no jump pack!

  4. I've gotten several cans of Army Painter primer, of various colors, and gotten mixed results. Though I was able to use some of them, others were either too thick, or grainy. I love the Army Painter dip, but the primer hasn't shown me alot.
    I recently tried a can of the Privateer primer, and it has worked out okay. But for reliable performance, I tend to fall back on GW primer. It's expensive, but I've had consistently good results.

  5. Strangely, my best luck with primer is Rustoleum. Very fine spray, detail works fine, and it's the cheapest thing doing.

  6. Thanks Chrispy and CF, I've just about had it. Wondering if minis-painters like Blue Table offer a "primer only" service, haha...