Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Garden Update

A little garden update since it's been a while. Really, the stuff's growing but nothing's bearing fruits or veggies just yet. We had a housesitter while on vacation, and they dutifully watered the garden, but there were some little 'extras' along the way that still needed to be done. I'm back now, and feel I've neglected the garden maintenance like I should, so I'm trying to get it back into shape. The above shot is the overall spread.

My biggest surprise is what you see here. My six tomato plants, the ones I intended, are in their cages and growing vertically as they should. There's many green 'maters on them, just waiting to go red, especially on the Romas. The big surprise is what you in the pic in front of the box. Apparently some of my tomatoes from last year have re-seeded themselves! I obviously didn't plan on this, how can you? Nonetheless, I'll take 'em!

These were supposed to JalapeƱos, umm, we'll see about that

My tiered boxes, coming along nicely

The 'top box', the big one I made for this year doesn't seem to be doing very well. The cucumbers on the far left seem okay, but the HabaƱeros in the middle not so much. The zucchini is all but dead, and the herbs in the middle, as you can see, a bit lackluster. Maybe not enough light? I don't know, from the pic here it looks like there's enough.

All in all I can't complain, but then again I can't really rave about all the garden goodness. My banana peppers are the superstars this year but everything else has been a tad slow on the grow. July's just now here so I'm hoping things will take off soon. The real factor is more than likely the heat; it's been a lot hotter and a lot dryer this summer than last, with multiple consecutive days at ninety-five degrees or more. Garden plants just refuse to grow when it's so relentlessly hot.


  1. Nice looking garden. My tomato plants took off this year. Plenty at home and I take plenty to work for the gang at the fire station.

    The tomato plants have aggressively taken over the Pepper territory without much of a blink. Monday morning quarterback hindsight is telling me to let the tomato gang have their own box next year

  2. What are you feeding them..?

  3. Scraps of paint, bitz and unlucky dice ?

  4. I'm definitely grinding up bad dice and mixing them in the with the soil!

    Seriously though Derina, just water, but when I filled in the boxes I used nothing but fairly high grade top soil, 600 pounds of it, so it's all growing in some fairly nutrient-rich stuff.

    @Joe: I'm jealous, I got nothing, other than hot bananas, and no, that's not an innuendo.

  5. Maybe you could send us some of the heat. It's been drizzling by the beach every morning for two weeks now here in L.A. Curses!

    That garden is looking great, though!

  6. The heat is yours for the taking, another 100+ degree day here in the south!