Sunday, July 25, 2010

Storm Wardens Big Event Today, Live!

The Storm Wardens Project is coming to a close, and its time to draw the winner of the Army, but even if you don't win the army, there are other prizes which will also be up for grabs!

The prize drawing will be live online on Jawaballs Live, on a special broadcast Sunday July 25th, 2Pm EST, or 11AM PST

You can check out the army miniatures and other awesome goodies on the Storm Wardens Army page.

Here are some of the additional prizes which are also up for grabs:

Kirk from Siegeworld is all about Apocalypse, and went big by offering up a Forge World Eldar Vampire Hunter. Here's the Forge World pic, the prize today is not fully assembled or painted.

The guys at Bolter & Chainsword have been helping us spread the word and also sent us an awesome, super limited edition deck of custom cards with some amazing 40k artwork, this was an admin only exclusive that was not for sale, and its just amazing, you can see some more of the awesomeness at the bottom of this page at B&C, they also threw in a rare B&C patch for the winner.

Everyone needs an airbrush, so Santa Cruz Warhammer pitched in a brand new Badger 175 dual action setup with all the trimmings and connectors for canned or compressor air.

Justin at Secret Weapon Miniatures, keeps hooking us up with the goods, pitching in $50 bucks worth of Secret Weapon glory.

And here at Miks Minis, I'm giving up a NIB Chaos Daemon Prince coupled with the most current Chaos Space Marine Codex.

Rumor has it there are some Tickets to Games Day USA up for grabs too, so tune in and keep your fingers crossed. If you miss the live show we will be contacting the winners and posting the results after the show.

Now don't forget, all of those great prizes listed are for the runner-ups. The big enchilada, covered in awesome sauce, served up with a side of rock-and-rolly is the above Storm Wardens Army. We didn't even get all of the units photographed in time, so it's even bigger than what you see. Throw in a signed copy of Deathwatch by the author Ross Watson, and you've got one heck of a grand finale!

Good Luck!

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