Friday, July 23, 2010

Too Close for Missiles...err, Maybe Not!

During the Libyan-Egyptian War, there were some skirmishes between Libyan and Egyptian fighter jets. In one instnace, two LARAF MiG-23MS engaged two EAF MiG-21MF which had been upgraded to carry Western weaponry. The Libyan pilots made the mistake of trying to manoeuvre with the more nimble Egyptian fighters, and one MiG-23MS was shot down by Maj. Sal Mohammad, while the other used the speed advantage to escape. -WikiPedia

Andy's "claims" of being divinely protected saved him...even here!

Egyptian MIGs and two ground defense units

A near miss!

Missile contrails filled the middle-eastern skies

The orange trails denote hitting the afterburners

Two missiles fail miserably, missing their mark by a mile

Libyan bombing runs decimated ground units

Check Your 6! was one of the three "BrianCon" games we played, and as always it didn't disappoint. I hadn't had a chance to play with the jet rules yet, and man, they were cool. Speeds were off the charts, we had missiles, attack ranges were vast, and we had afterburners. Mind you, all of these extra mechanics didn't muddle up the rules or make them any harder to play. CY6! is a great game with tight rules that allow even brand new players to jump right into the action and pretty much know what they're doing by the second or third turn. I've played in a handful of games, and every one of them has been enjoyable, here they are.

...and now from the "what if" files, laser guns!


  1. Those pipe-cleaner missiles are great.

  2. For the record, my green Libyan in the Mirage evaded FIVE missles in one go, had a near miss set his plane on fire which he put out with no impact-- eventually, I stopped evading, stating, "Allah's hand will protect me!," took out several of the ground targets (as opposed to his Skilled flight leader, who hit nothing), and made it home safely. Allahu Akbar!!

    The laser shot is awesome. There is no digital editing to that picture...can anybody guess what it is?

  3. I agree .... I have played CY6 once and was hooked. I love the missile markers !

    What is your smoke columns made of ?

  4. Any chance this could be played at the upcoming Gamesplosion Con up north?

  5. Damn, that was awesome. When you come to Winchester, I'll be more than happy to make the drive up for some CY6 goodness :)

  6. The smoke was a column of black "pluck-and-pick" foam worked over with pliers, IIRC.

  7. Mik: Great report and pics. That was a fun game. Glad to hear you Egyptian players had fun too, because we libyans owned you. The Libyans did have a lot of luck in the game.

    Jmezz: the smoke columns are made from grey foam torn into irregular shapes and painted. I have an article on how I made them 2/3 finished for my blog (it's a question I get asked pretty often). Maybe now that all of my game stuff is imprisoned in moving boxes, I'll get around to finishing it.

    Nick: where and when is Gamesplosion held?

    Steve: you can bank on me hosting some CY6 games once I get to VA. I'd love to have you make one.

    PS. Mik's laser made a 4-year old cry...

  8. Now for the record, I didn't directly cause the crying!

    Thanks for all the comments y'all, Brian fielded most of them, so thanks to him too!

  9. that game with all of the cool effects looks great on the table top.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  10. Another fan of the missiles here!

  11. Best photos from a game I've seen in a long time!

  12. One of the great things about CY6! is that since the "unit count" is low - the scenario we ran had 12 planes - you can put some time into the little extras that add to the game. Obviously I've taken this route with the missiles, 3D stands, etc. Alternately, it allows you to get right into a game with minimum amount of prep.

  13. Ask and you shall receive.

    I finished the article on making burning smoke columns and posted it to my blog at

    PS yes, I am Elizabeth... Accidentally posted with my wife's google account logged in.