Friday, July 9, 2010

Vacation: Landscapes

Some more photos from the recent vacation. It's funny posting these because to people living in big cities these pics are no big deal. For me, even though this was my third or fourth time to the area, I'm always impressed by the size and grandeur, yes, grandeur of it all. This is of course coming from a guy whose own town has barely 250,000 people in it.

Back in the "define irony" department; we traveled all the way to New York City to have...southern style bar-b-que? What? Yeah, that's right. Not only that, but it was some of the best restaurant bar-b-que I've ever eaten. I didn't see this one coming.

The girls took in a Broadway show of Mary Poppins

Times Square

More Times Square

The absolutely MASSIVE Toys R Us

Some amazing cliffs on the Jersey side of the Hudson River

The (incredibly beautiful) church of Saint Something-or-Another

My astrological sign, outside the New York Public Library

Bryant Park

Casa de Libro de Nuevo Yorko, loosely translated


  1. Am I right in thinking West Point is near or opposite those cliffs?

    250,000? I think there are less than 250 in my teeming metropolis!!

  2. Hmmm, don't know about West Point, but I do know the little park where these cliffs were was really cool.

    250? That sounds like my cup of tea!

  3. West Point is a tad north of the city .... but is on the banks of the Hudson.

    Great pics Mik ..... I hope you weren't "staring up" too much as my fellow New Yorkers would say ...

  4. Ha, no, not this time. Actually one day we were there, a Saturday, it was oddly empty, barely anybody was out at all.

    The girls on the other hand had permanent neck cramps, and even took in a double-decker bus tour.